Monday, May 14, 2012

Rage of Bahamut - The Roar of the Dragons Event


The Keepers of the Easter Egg weren't able to prevent the dragon's egg from hatching after all... 
After Hatching the Dragon Fafner started reproducing and wreaked havoc on Easter Isles. Now all the Dragons have left the isles and have flown away to some mountains in the Far East. 

It's time for you to find and SLAY ALL THE DRAGONS...


  1. Call your Fellows and Order Member to wipe out all the dragons that appear on Dragon-Infested Mountain
  2. Call for backup and use team work to defeat both quest bosses and dragons
  3. Slay dragons and get treasure chests
  4. There will be Order Ranking Rewards as we rewards for Slaying Dragons. Work with your Order members to be on TOP

Tips and Tricks

  1. Do the quest until you found the Dragons
  2. Set your Best Deck cards for ATTACK and make sure you have plenty of ATTACK POWERS
  3. Once you meet the Dragon, Battle with him with your ATTACK power
  4. If you run out of POWERS, Call all your Fellow and Order to help you finish the Battle
  5. Keep on boosting your Stamina and do the QUEST as far as you can to get the bonus Reward thru Ranking
  6. You can keep your Reward Items in your Presents INBOX, don't claim it if you don't need it yet

Reward Cards

Ax Master (Man)

Brunnhilde (Gods)

Fafner (Demons)

 Sigfried (Man)

 HAPPY GAMING and Don't Forget To Share Your TIPS


  1. You shouldn't be boosting your stamina, you should be boosting your attack power. The rewards come from dragon slaying and damage done to dragons

  2. you need great Stamina to do the quest unless you don't want to go further and happy with helping in Battle through call. It depends how you build up your Stats.. if you are an Attacker then keep your high attack otherwise if you like to have more Stamina then keep it and use more Calling Help for BATTLE

  3. What are the special conditions that the rewards section of the event talk about???
    And add me Im aiming to b the best and catching up to every1 that added me within weeks so join me username infamasz Im lvl 63 now

  4. I was locked at lvl 11.1 (the peak of the mountain) in this quest since the end of the first day it was starting...
    don't you ?

    1. I think you can use this code to have benefits and me too
      this is sponsorship system

      install the game and fill this referal code:

  5. has anyone figured out the mystery reward requirements yet?

  6. has anyone figured out the mystery reward requirements yet?

  7. How do I get past the 11.1 stage of the quest? Is this a glitch?

    1. Not a glitch. There is bright red text on the quest page telling you that you have reached the end. And after beating the last boss, you come to the mountain top and your party stays there to slay all remaining dragons (meaning, just keep doing 11.1 to continue to get cards, rupees, experience [even though that bright red text says you won't get more experience, you will], and to spawn more dragons.

  8. This is going so boring... They need to comeout with a better gaming.. just saying

  9. can anyone else think of what else you can do in this event other than to slay dragons to meet the special conditions for the mystery prize cause it seems like thats all you can do.

    ps: enter this code syv00707 after the tutorial to get a free rare card and 100k rupies

  10. it suck if you have a huge Stamina and you need to burn it with low quests... you're doing anything but to quest-quest-quest-quest--- till you get bored.. hope someone will share a bot for this

  11. My Atk suck it says my Atk is like 18637 but all I hit is like 7584

    1. Find a Ghost Rider(high rare).. you can find it on high level players then ask a trade with your cure/holy/miracle items, they will surely trade because its easy to get in scroll treasure hunts.

      Once you got one, max its level to 50 you will get 8448ATK with MEDIUM BOOST to demons ATK. Get some cards that have boost in a group like ALL DEMONS to enhances all their attacks

  12. is there a way to play this online? i hear there is???

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