Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mission Of Crisis

Description :

Extremely enjoyable and addictive tactical game
Matt and Angie, members of the Bad Dog Ranger, need help recovering the royal puppies from the invader’s evil clutches! Guide them as a strategic leader and destroy the mystical invader Mombies for victory.
Remember to learn super skills and upgrade the Ranger’s deadly weapons. Make full use of them to vanquish those who dare to oppose the Ranger on their noble rescue mission. Now it’s the time to eradicate injustice in this dangerous battlefield.
Be the first to capture the passion of the epic adventure and entertain you with hours of explosive fun!
- “Extremely enjoyable and addictive”- Eric
- “One of the best strategy games on Google Play ever before”- Daniel
- “Funny, violent and leaves you wanting more” – David
…… to be continued
- Command the Ranger and see them engage in hand to hand battles!
- Amazing battlefield graphics that will hook you for hours
- New control design let you easily master the attack with accurate touch.
- Wonderful music and sound effect
- High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art
- Cool skills and deadly weapons available
- Extra game modes that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. There are Two Hero to control, Matt is an attacker type while Angie is a range sniper
  2. Get Coins to buy supports items like Heal and Speed boost
  3. Complete every mission to get rewards Coins
  4. Upgrade their weapons to enhance the effectivity
  5. Every Enemy has their weakness and strong point
  6. Adjust the setting to set the priority level of healing
  7. Enable to auto-attack in settings if you want the Hero to react on attacking the enemy
  8. Even in mission failed you can still get the  Coins
  9. There's a cool-down on Skills which you have to wait overtime to re-active
  10. Check the Data to check the details about the Enemy, Hero, Skills and Weapons

How to Get More Coins

Buy it with Real Cash
Get the Free Coins by installing the affiliate Apps
Kills the Enemies and get the Coin
Finish the Quest to get the Rewards
Rate and post a review to get the free rewards

Free Coins for installing the Apps

Enemy Data

BaseBall Kitty

A range type with medium attack but weak health.
Kill him with Angie with Sniper.

Big Wild Kitty

Strong attack and great health. Shoot him Faint and let the two heroes attack him

Noisy  Kitty

Wild Kitty

Mummy Kitty

Heroes Data






Set the Settings to set the Auto-Counter and set the Auto-Healing Priority

Get your Supply to support your game

Get the Free Coins from Rating and posting your Review

Upgrade your Guns to enhance the attack


  1. Get all the FREE COINS in the shop to get an ahead with the game
  2. Play the Tutorial and learn the Basics
  3. Finish the Tutorial and get the rewards

Start The Game after Tutorial

Map 1
Kill the 2 zombies and don't let them call a help.
Get Matt and distract the group of zombies to the west, once they run to you, get Angie to hit the Exploding Tank to kill them all.

Map 2
Place Angie facing up and let Matt distract the zombies.
Make Matt move to the firing wood to make the Zombies damage more

Map 3
Place Angie facing to an open path and let Matt take the attention of the zombie.
Trap the Zombie to the Firing woods to get more damage

Map 4
Place them booth in horizontal align facing to the left and attack the Zombies coming

Map 5
Kill the first Zombies the way, use Matt to distract them and place Angie to get a good spot.
Don't let them call a help. Use Angie to give them Faint Shot before they run.
Let Matt do all the move while Angie take the range shot.

 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. Is there easy way to get gems.

  2. Time to update this side?

  3. Curious as to know did they change the game format vecausebi have no auto heal setting and all the pictyres show 5 stars for each level and i just see three


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