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Garfield's Defense

Description :

Garfield's Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders
The celebrated Garfield comic come to life in a free action strategy game!
“Take me to your freezer!”
Alien Food Invaders attack the home of Jon Arbuckle and his cat Garfield! The invaders are almost as dangerous as they are ridiculous. They want to capture food to convert it into vehicles and weapons which they’ll use to take over the Earth.
Garfield will not tolerate such a dismal, lasagna-less future, so the lazy cat is taking on the alien meatballs!
Garfield’s Defense combines siege and tower defense for an epic action-strategy game in which you defend Jon’s fridge from waves of zany attackers.
You control Garfield, who has various comical weapons at his disposal including forks, rolled-up newspapers, and a launcher capable of firing a dozen cheap plastic toy cars at once. Garfield can summon characters from the comic strip, including the slobbery Odie, Nermal, Wade, Orson, Arlene, and Jon.
Prepare for alien anarchy – FREE!
You'll need fast reflexes and clever thinking to dodge the aliens, decide which friends to summon, and launch counter-attacks. One wrong move and Garfield could end up in a world with no people - and no lasagna.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Move Left and Right to attack wave of enemies. Close attack will give melee attack and far distance will give you a range or throws attack
  2. Kill enemies to get Cookies and Pop Corn
  3. Collect the Cookies in each Stage to purchase upgrade and better weapons
  4. More Pop Corns will let you hire more allies or friends to help you
  5. You can unlock new Weapons, Friends and Abilities after completing a certain stage
  6. You can buy usable items like  Super pie, Special Friends, Pop Corn Box, Grafield Suit Up Box, Insta-Troop Box, and Insta-Skill Buffs to help you per stage
  7. Boss enimies are harder and tougher so you better get some upgrades and equip some items to help you
  8. Upgrade the Abilities you mostly used, in contrary don't waste your cookies for Ability that you don't really much used
  9. Play daily to get more cookies, items and special rewards
  10. Friends has their own ability of attack, strength of attacks and health bar. Make the most of them on facing enemies

Resetting the game will reset everything including your skills, friends and other items

get more cookies in the Shop

How To Get More Cookies

  1. By playing and killing some enemies per Stage
  2. Play daily to get from rewards
  3. By purchasing it in the Shop with Real Money
  4. By getting it for FREE from the Affiliates program

get the Daily Rewards to get special items



achievable at Stage - 1
he is s the weakest friend. 
Forget about him and don't waste anything to upgrade


achievable at   Stage - 4
The best tanker at early stage and much way better with Sheldon though she has low attack but great help  to tank Garfield. 
Upgrade as soon as possible, this is recommended from stage 4-15

Sheldon and Nermal, your starters in early game


achievable at   Stage - 6
Another weak because of his low life. There's no use of upgrading him.


achievable at   Stage - 7
The best and only range attacker. This is the best to Team Up with great tanker like Orson and Odie. He is FREE when you hire Orson.
Upgrade him as soon as possible with Orson. 
Recommended Stage 7 - throughout the game

Wade and Booker, your mid-game friends


achievable at   Stage - 14
The second best Tanker in the game next to Orson. He's the alternative when Orson is not around so upgrade him to get more advantage.
Recommended Stage 14 - throughout the game


achievable at   Stage - 19
The only healer in the game. Get her as soon as possible to have a helper though she doesn't attack so keep her away from attacker. Upgrading her will increase his Life and Healing points.
Recommended Stage 19 - throughout the game


achievable at   Stage - 23
The best Tanker in the game get him first in the early game. He'll come with 2 Booker so he's worth it to get in early game. Team him up with Booker and Arlene.
Recommended Stage 23 - throughout the game 

Roy and Dino Odie - the most expensive useless


achievable at   Stage - 27
Another useless friend, don't waste your upgrade on him. He's just good to get in your Trumpet.

Dino Odie 

achievable at   Stage - 35
Pretty much useless because he's too much expensive and not wroth it like Orson or Odie. Get him if you have extra pop-corns to throw out

Arlen and Orson is a great combo to have, get them at early game

Select your 5 best friends to fight with

Garfield's Special Upgrades

Rolling Pin

Your weakest weapon, get this just to improve your attack a little in early game

Frying pan

Not pretty good but you don't have any option, get this in late game or rather forget it


can upgrade to 20%, this will reduce your 2 friends pop-corn cost. This is best to use to Orson and Arlene to get them at early game

Insta-Skill Buffs

can upgrade to 20%, this will reduce the cool-down your skill. This is good to use with your Trumpet or Jon

Popcorn Machine

upgrade this to increase the max limit of your PopCorn Machine, it will also improve the regeneration of your PopCorn.

Skill Slots

Get this to get additional Skill Slot making it 3 skills per Stage


your permanent weak defense, don't upgrade this, his attack is useless in late game

The Fridge

Upgrading this will increase your Fridge life, upgrading once is enough.

Garfield Skills

Toy Plane

not bad skill in mid-game, don't upgrade too much.


Try your luck to get descent Friends for Free. Sometimes you'll get Odies or Bookers which is useful to help you. Use this with the Insta-Skill Buffs to speed up the cool down.

Toy Plane and Trumpet


Useful skill, good cool-down and nice attack points.


The best Skill in late game. Upgrade it as soon as possible and take advantage with the attack.
Use this with the Insta-Skill Buffs to speed up the cool down.


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. does any one know how to go back to previous stage?

  2. I'm stuck on level 44

    1. upgrade Orson and Booker to its MAX.. those 2 are your perfect piece to finish the game. Try to use Trumpet more often, sometimes it will give you 3 Bookers and if you have Upgraded Booker it's a saving grace. It will takes a lot of try to complete it...

      Actually there's no sense of this game but to keep on leveling up.. I'm already in level70 and it's so damn BORING.. nothing to achieve after that.

  3. level up orson and Booker... they're the best tandem. upgrade the trumpet it will help you a lot. keep Garfield away from battle and let orson tank and you keep hiring Booker

  4. DON'T RESET YOUR GAME!!! it will make you back to first STAGE and turn all your skills and friends to ZERO.. There's no going back to 1st level in this game even you reached 100stage

  5. Is this game on iPad and iPhone?

    1. yes there's Iphone version too with the same game functions

  6. Can someone help me? Im stuck at level 15

  7. Can someone help me? Im stuck at level 15

  8. Repeat the level till you earn more cookies, once you have enough cookies, Level Up Garfield and buy him a Frying Pan to enhance his attack. Practice how to play the game..

    You should know how to quick move a bit forward then backward... this will make Garfield attack's faster.

  9. Does anyone know how to upgrade the popcorn machine. I know it shows at the beginning but i dont want to reset the game.

  10. You can only upgrade it once I guess for 2500cookies

  11. To upgrade the popcorn machine you have to reach level 38 and then you can only upgrade it twice to get it to its Max popping only reaches level 3

  12. That's one way to do it. Or you could wait until it gets to 30 popcorn and hit pop now. That will upgrade it until the end of the round making it pop faster. You can do this at level 1, but you have to do it every time you want to upgrade it.


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