Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tap Dragon Park

Description :

Can you build the most beautiful Dragon Park? Your Kingdom and Dragons await you
Hatch, raise and train magnificent dragons in Tap Dragon Park!
Collect tons of adorable dragons and raise and train them with the help of wizards. Use your dragons to help guard your Kingdom’s treasure and keep out the evil Trolls! Mix and match your dragons to discover many more rare species.

- Collect TONS of rare and magnificent dragons
- TRAIN & GROW your dragons with the help of Wizards
- Watch your dragons EVOLVE as you train them
- BATTLE evil trolls to protect your treasure
- Use STRATEGY and combinations of elements to defeat the evil trolls
- MIX your dragons to discover new rare types
- DECORATE your kingdom to make your citizens happy
- Play for free, yes FREE, forever
Pocket Gems is the name behind Tap Paradise Cove, Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Hotel, Tap Pet Shop and several other ridiculously fun free games downloaded over 60 million times. You'll love Tap Dragon Park, start playing today!
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Cheats Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Finish the Training Tutorial
  2. Keep breeding of Dragons to get more fighters for Battle and Coins
  3. Train dragon to enhance their capabilities
  4. Get coins from your Dragon buildings
  5. Use your gems wisely, don't use to Rush-Up your quest
  6. Always do the Achievement quest

How To Get More XP and Coins

  1. Breed more Dragons and get coins from its building
  2. Battle more to get Coins from winning
  3. Level up to get bonus coins
  4. Finish the achievement every quest
  5. Pick up the trashes in your park

How To Battle

  1. Train your Dragons to the maximum level before putting him into battle
  2. Remember the Element Battle Cycle , from Weak to  Strong 
  3. Water is strong against Fire but weak against Earth
  4. Fire is strong against Earth but weak against water
  5. Earth is strong against Water but weak against Fire
  6. Dragons level add bonus on fighting so make sure your Dragon is in Max Level

Breedable Dragons

Fire Type

  • Flotsym The Flightly (Lvl-5 )
  • Mixyn the Destructive (Lvl-2)

Earth Type

  • Molly the Mottles (lvl-4)
  • Wedyll the LEarned (lvl-3)

Water Type

  • Almore the Winged (lvl-2)


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. I need help on moving things around. Can you move the other objects around not just the dragons?

    1. No u cant sorry

    2. Only the ones you purchase.

    3. Yes you can...go to the menu click other then click move it will allow you to move things

  2. Its not happening to me, I think you better clean up first your park and make sure you have enough space to move, expanding your land will help a lot

  3. How do you move the dragons?

  4. Go to


    select any object then move... tap to confirm

    NOTE :

    sometimes it doesn't let you move if there's no more space or there's a lot of garbage.. so you better clean it first or expand your Land to make sure it will allow you to move

  5. Can you get another wizard trainer without gems ?

  6. I believe you can't... but its only 5gems to get another wizard so your start up Gems are mainly for that wizard. This game SUCKS... you won't get anything if you don't buy their gems.. not a good FREE game after all

    1. Actually u can buy another wizard without gems because i just bought another wizard for like 2,000 gold

    2. that's the 2nd wizard you can buy for 2000Gold.. but for the rest you have to buy it with gems... not so sure if there's a level requirements so you can buy it with golds

    3. What level were you on when you bought the second wizard for 2000 gold

    4. How to get more gems

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. How do u use the wizards u purchase? I have bought 2 but am still only able to use 1? What's the point of getting more wizards?

  9. How do u use the wizards u purchase? I have bought 2 but am still only able to use 1? What's the point of getting more wizards?

    1. Same here. I have 2 wizards & can only use 1....

    2. You have to use 99 jewels to get another wizard slot to use more wizards

  10. they make u buy more wizards cause the only way u can use the other one is if u buy 99 jewels or some shit and u have to buy it with real money so bit of a con

  11. there are two types of wizards, normal wizards allow you to own more dragons, while training wizards allow you to train them. Trainer costs jewels...

  12. actually I quited playing this game... its just boring and you have to wait for long hours to do something.. Doesn't make any sense why the breeding and recovering of the dragon takes so much time... this game is a fail.

  13. I am getting fed up with this game cos it tells yoi to get certain dragons but you can't cos the cost jewels wich u dont have unless u buy them. Not very well thought out if u ask.

    1. Acually i figured there would be gem dragons/quest just cause they need to make money some how every game cost something one way or the other

  14. How to get gems

  15. I need to find out how to get free jewels. I'm not talking about like 8 or seven jewels from downloading another damn game. I need like unlimited haha

  16. I NEED A GEM MAKER!!!!!

  17. is there any kind cheat that you can use to get gems/jewels for free? i wanna speed up my dragon mixing and expanding of the kingdom.

  18. I mixed two dragons, and they make gundra the pampered with lightning element. Is there any other elements beside earth, water and fire? And which dragon do I need to mix to get them?

  19. There's wind, lightning, ice, grass

  20. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! I have tried several of you styles. Thanks for the tips.

  21. this game really really sucks but i cannot delete it only coz my sisters 3yr old likes watching dragon babies i deleted it once and he started bawling now im stuck with this stupid game

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