Monday, May 21, 2012

Fantasy Defense

Description :

★★★★★ No 1 Strategy Game in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong!
★★★★★ Top 10 Role Playing Game in 28 countries!
Fantasy Defense has an opening for a hero—you. Classic tower defense play meets innovative new hero classes and fuses with RPG elements to create a completely unique gaming experience.
Three heroes destined for glory, flanked by loyal fighters and skilled mages face off against their foes. More than might will determine the outcome of this war. Use your resources wisely to acquire armor and skills to defend against and eventually devastate your enemies.
"If you love tower defense games, this is another to add to your collection. Get it now." - Appadvice
"Fantasy Defense has some excellent artwork, a well-designed user interface, and a lot of depth." – Slidetoplay
"Added RPG elements and fast-paced action, it should appeal to gamers who want something a tad more substantial" - DailyiPhoneBlog
"offers a unique style and theme" - AppSplit
"Fantasy Defense is surely a game that’s more than your classic tower defense" - AppBite
Bring order to chaos in the forest of darkness, fiery volcano, devil's dungeon, infinite wilderness and the infamous swamp of desire!
Hours of game play are guaranteed! Each of the five environments offers ten challenging stages to conquer.
Control your ultimate heroes and 12 mythical units in this new RPG style tower defense game!
Improve your heroes by earning upgrades to enhance their performance and attain ultimate strength.
Twenty-four items and counting improve your heroes and increase the power of your army
3 modes of play let you experience Fantasy Defenders the way you want to, when you want to!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Save your Hero points, you can use it buy items and upgrades your units and Hero
  2. Upgrade your Hero and Units in the Shop
  3. You can equip an item to enhance your Hero
  4. Every units has its characteristics and abilities. Swordsman are quick and can stun a single enemy, Archers can attack multiple enemies and can cast hit over time, and Mage can do splash damage and freeze enemies
  5. Every Hero has special abilities , characteristics and abilities like the units
  6. You can save your gameplay to review your strategy
  7. Every level has hidden items, Hero Special Abilities and special stage to unlock
  8. You can upgrade level with your units through golds taken and Mana for Heroes
  9. You'll get 70% Hero Points reward if you play in a completed stages
  10. You'll get bonus Abilities in Stage-5 and another Ability in Stage-30

Fighting Tips

  1. Pause the screen before you start so you can have time to place your units and hero
  2. Equip your Hero your best item. One that generate more golds and other one enhances speed or range will give you more ideal boost
  3. Place you hero in the place it will attack more like in corners
  4. Place other units near any orbs gem, box, golds and other item that you can break for bonus
  5. You can use Hero mana to cast special abilities and upgrade
  6. If you are in pressure with too many waves of monsters you can control the speed or pause for a while to setup your tactics

How to get More Hero Points

  1. Finish every Stage to more Hero Points rewards, once you have completed a stage it will grant you 70% less Hero points
  2. Complete a task or quest, it will give you some Hero Points
  3. Buy Hero points in the shop for real money
  4. Go back and forth in a east level stage to save more Hero Points

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