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Ninja Royal - Events Uncharted Teritory

Treasure Event - Uncharted Territory -

Go for treasure comps!

Event treasures in black chests will appear during missions. There are 5 treasures in a series, and points will be awarded for collecting all 5 during the event.

Rack up points!

Get upgraders, new clans and more from the Master, depending on your points total. Some items are available only through this event, so go for it!

Join Clans!

Collect points to get ninja suits. You can equip extra-powerful clan gear when you join a clan!

More about this event

Players can win points every time they complete an event treasure collection (3 in all) in the course of an arena event. Event-only items and clans are awarded according to this points total. Once the players complete all 3 event treasure collections, they can comp the third series again and again, to win more points.

Any ninja who has cleared the Mt. Zen>Base Camp>2

How do I get event treasures? Event treasures can be found on the path with the player’s most recent mission, and on the path immediately preceding it. In addition, players can battle other ninjas and steal their treasure, and have their treasure stolen by others. There are a total of 3 event treasure collections. * Treasures in completed collections cannot be stolen.

How to win points During the event, points can be acquired in the following ways. The associated difficulty determines the number of points. Acquire 1 event treasure in a mission Acquire 1 event treasure in a battle Complete an event treasure collection

・About prizes When players acquire a certain number of points during the event, they are awarded prizes. These prizes include deluxe items such as clan gear. Prizes can be claimed at the Prize Gallery. *The Prize Gallery will shut down after the event, and any unclaimed prizes delivered to players. For items with max limits, players will receive the maximum number, and all excess items will be discarded.

What are clans? When players acquire a certain number of points during the event, they can join a clan based on the points total. Once players join a clan, they can select a clan to train in, from Menu>Clans. By doing missions, players can master the clan and achieve titles. Greater mastery can result in more advanced suits. Once acquired, the suits can be used anytime. * Please see the Help section for more about clans.

What are clan gears? Every clan has its own clan gear, consisting of 1 special weapon, armor and tool item. Players must join a clan in order to equip its clan gear. Clan gear can be upgraded with dragon gem and zeny. The zeny required for upgrades varies from item to item.

What's an event leaderboard? Please be aware that for this event, there will be no plaques or frames based on the total number of points earned. Due to popular demand, we are making a previously-released clan available in this event. Because this is a re-release, we are not issuing trophy plaques or frames based on the total number of points earned.

What’s a Dragon Lode? The Dragon Lode is an upgrader that can increase the grade of a clan gear by 5, without the use of zeny. Dragon Lode can be purchased at the Premium Store.

Bug notice: No battles from the History screen We've temporarily disabled History > Battle button. Please use Home > Battle for treasure raiding.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Equip your Ninja with you best Weapons, Armors and Tools
  2. Upgrades your Weapons with the use of your dragon gems and your cash 
  3. You can Hunt for Treasure with you missing Collections, get Battle with other ninja to complete them
  4. Put some Traps with your Collections to protect them from robbers
  5. Once you have completed a Collection, continue on Questing and Hunting for other items thru Battle
  6. Use your Karma or Sushi when your run out of Energy
  7. Collect your prizes and items in the Events Prize Gallery

 HAPPY GAMING and Don't Forget To Share Your TIPS


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