Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zombies Wave

Description :

Addictive zombie defense games!
There are crowds of zombies surrounding your house, and more are approaching.
Pick up your stuff as your weapon and defend the house from hungry zombies, or you will be dead.
There are tons of bonus and upgrades to keep you busy all day and night!
How to play:
# Touch and drag to throw your weapons.
# Drag longer to throw weapons further.
# Throwing costs your physics energy, don't be exhausted.
# Use superkill to make it easy.
# Upgrade strength, agility and other skills.
# Kill the shooting zombies first who cause big damage.
# Watch out the flying zombies in the sky.

Cheats Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Just keep on throwing by tapping diagonally up towards the zombies.
  2. Watch out for your energy it will consumes your every objects your throw
  3. Always use your Skills like Car Rolling and Frozen
  4. Increase your stats

Stats and Power

  • Strength - increase attack power and throwing distance
  • Agility - increase throwing speed and reduce the energy consumption of throwing
  • Critical - increase the possibility of double damage
  • Bouncing - increase times of bouncing attack
  • Car Rolling - special skill that will kill all zombies on its way. Damaging for 300 and activated after wave-5
  • Frozen - Freezes the Zombies surrounds you. Activated to wave -10

How To Get More Coins

  1. Buy from the shop at cost of your cash
  2. Get more by installing affiliates Apps in the Shop
  3. Play more and kill more zombies


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay

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