Monday, May 28, 2012

Tower Defense®

Description :

《Tower Defense》is a game that has features of action, strategy, and puzzle.
★★THE BEST & THE ORIGINAL Tower Defense is now available on Google Play Store!!★★
★SILVER AWARD Winner by Pocket Gamer!★
You may have played other “TD” games but get ready to play THE TOWER DEFENSE!
In search of resources that are no longer provided on Earth, you followed a probe released by humans years ago in hopes of discovering an alternative planet. Take command of towers with special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of enemies on the hostile alien planet.
Tower Defense takes classic defense games to a whole new world.
+40 campaign and 7 Challenge maps 
+4 different game play modes 
+9 Towers 
+10 Enemy units 
+4 Special Weapons 
+5 Different World Themes (Mountains, Desert, Ice, Crater, Lava) 
+ This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文简体, 中文繁體 and 日本語.
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Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You can fight with the boss multiple times to get more diamonds
  2. You need Diamonds to get Power-Ups, additional resources and many more
  3. You can only use one Power Ups
  4. Every weapons has different ability and advantage
  5. You can't earn diamond if you failed with on mission
  6. You can go back to previous mission to gain more diamonds

How To get More Diamonds

  1.  Login with your ComUs account to get Free Diamonds
  2. Go to Shop and buy with your real money
  3. Get it for Free by installing affiliates Apps 
  4. Complete every mission in the campaign


  • Cannon = 155gems, fast but close range
  • Scout = 120 gems, medium fast but long range
  • Splash = 195 gems , close range with normal fast , has splash damage
  • Lazers = 260 gems, longest range, slow but can kill one line pierce

How To Defeat Mini Boss

  1. Pause first the before you setup your tower. This way you have time to setup your defense
  2. Scout Tower is the best unit to place its cheap and reliable
  3. Place your tower in the path where the Boss is going, you can handle where the Boss will be going
  4. Put all the tower across the path of the Boss
  5. Once the Boss is moving let him walk to the path until its about to turn, sell the Tower in the opposite end so it will move to that path.
  6. Before the Boss cross the opposite path, put a tower to block him so it will move to first path
  7. Do this over and over until the Boss die

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