Monday, April 2, 2012

Adjusting System Date-Time for Game Cheats

Are you tired of waiting for the progress of your mission, completing the mission by time, waiting for the progress and harvesting of your resources? 

Here is the easiest way that you won't need any Hacking App or any tweaker that will ruin your Phone. It's simple as adjusting your Time like a Time Machine and get everything in instant.

How to adjust your System Time

1) Go to the Settings and find Date and Time

2) In the Date & Time, Set the Date by Hours or by Day

3) Confirm the changes, then there you go All your Games that affecting the Date & Time will notify at no time

WARNING : If you adjusted the System Date-Time Settings and then returned to the Current Time,  you will have to wait for the calculated time you have consumed. This means the progress of the affected actions will be more longer.

Some games that has affect of Time Adjustment:

Men In Black 3

Dinosaur War

Ice Age Village

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