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Play the very best Action/Strategy game on Android today!
“This game frickin rocks!!” ★★★★★
“Fun, adventurous and simple! What more could you want from an app.” ★★★★★
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Discover DragonCraft, a world teeming with treacherous alliances and deadly monsters. Collect powerful monsters and send them into battle against formidable enemies, large and small. Plus, reap valuable rewards by inviting your friends to play along with you!
★ Capture Dragons for your army and lead them to battle against strong opponents.
★ Fuse your Dragons and Monsters together to create new, more-powerful combinations!
★ Wage war with 21 different troop types from 3 distinct classes: Magic, Brute Force, and Tech.
★ Build a mighty Barony and research compelling inventions to aid your conquest.
★ Play with friends, make new allies and participate in weekly live events and challenges!
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Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Build your buildings according to your QUEST to get more Resources 
  2. Regularly hire more army to fight in Battle
  3. Always claim your resources per regenerations
  4. Explore the map to Battle and gain more EXP and resources
  5. Hunt unique monster thru Battle
  6. Help and Add a traveler to get crystals from rewards
  7. Use Dragon Spears to get effective HIT and to get a chance to claim the Dragon Scale
  8. Dragon Spear are consumable so use it wisely
  9. Collect 5 different Scales to raise a new Dragon
  10. Always claim the daily rewards to get resources, crystals, and new monsters
  11. Invite a friend to get a FREE Monster
  12. Visit more often for Special Events rewards

How to Invite Friends

Inviting and adding your friends will give you more crystal bonus and will get a chance to get Monster and a unique Monster.

You can invite a friend thru posting in your Twitter, Facebook or sending a mail. Thru invitation they will get your  Redeem code from here they need to apply your redeem code and then so both of you will get a chance to get the rewards.

Get a Super Rare Monster when 10 of your Friends join and complete the tutorial.

Everytime you send invitation you will get some crystals so no effort wasted

How to Get your Own Redeem Code

  1. Go to Invite Friends page
  2. In the page there's are selection for Twitter, Facebook and Mail.
  3. Select any of the three and get the code from the message. Something like 

"Capture your own army of Dragons!
Use this code: CIOIAOQICGIGC for free monster!"

Get the code CIOIAOQICGIGC and send it to your friends 

You can not reuse the code because its auto generated and it expires for some times. So better to get another code to distribute to your friends.

How To Get the 10 Friends For Super Monster

  1. Go to Invite Friends and post an Invite.
  2. In your Invite get your Redeem Code, copy it and paste it in your note
  3. Sign out from your Primary Account
  4. In Mobage Login, sign up an account this will be your Dummy Account
  5. Play the game and finish the Tutorial
  6. In the last part you'll be asked to enter a Redeem Code. Use you Redeem Code from your Primary Account
  7. Sign out again and relogin to your Primary then follow the first step.
  8. Repear this steps till your get 10 Friends and the Super Monster

Castle and Buildings

  • Keep on leveling up your Buildings to enhance your unit abilities (ATK+DEF) and other tech skills
  • You can unlock new units thru completing the requirements
  • Always gather your resources from buildings thru time

How to Battle

  • You can have 20battles or Patrols per set and then it will cool down for some minutes.
  • There are occasion you will get instant cool down that will give you a chance to battle without waiting
  • There are Travelers you can help, you will have to fight the Dragon to get the rewards
  • Use your Dragon Spear to get a big chance to HIT the Dragon otherwise you can use your normal Spear but there's a big chance it will miss
  • If you miss the Dragon you can still a crystal by adding the Travel as friend

occasionally you will get a Dragon Egg thru Battle.
Dragonling is common which can be use for Fusion

How Get To More Crystals

  1. Go to the Magic Shop and buy them with your MobiCoins
  2. Do the Quest in your Crystal, there are quest that will reward you more Crystals
  3. Explore the map and occasionally your will meet a Player Traveler , if you add the new Player, you will get a Crystal
  4. Fight a Rival Enemy and occasionally you will get rewarded with Crystal
  5. Check out your Friends Invitation, use your 5 invitation thru Twitter, Facebook or Mail then your will get Crystals

Buy Crystals, Coins, Dragon Spear and other
Resources in the Magic Shop with the cost
of your MobiCoins

Get powerful monster with the cost of your Gems
or Get Free Rewards Daily


Dragon Collection

How to Forge a Dragon

  1. Travel thru the map and hunt as many monster you want
  2. Occasionally you will encounter some Traveller that will need help you to fight the Dragon
  3. You need to use a Spear to Fight it but you just need one HIT to get the Scale
  4. Use your Dragon Spear to get 100% accuracy otherwise save it and use your normal Spear
  5. Once you got the Dragon Scale, keep on hunting for more Dragon Scale. You will need 5 Dragon Scale to start the Forge
  6. Once you have collected all 5. It will Summon form into Egg and will Hatch as your new Dragon
  7. In the weekly event. Get 5 Dragons and you will get the unique Dragon from weekly event

Collect 5 Dragons Scales to summon a Dragon Egg

New Deadly Dragon for you to breed

How to Seize Dragon Scale

  • Use a Dragon Spear which is Consumable but will give you 100% accuracy to get the Dragon Scale
  • Use your normal Spear but there's a 20% chance to Hit but unlimited supply
  • Once you received the Dragon Scale and gathered 5 of them you will get the Dragon Egg

How to Use the Fusion Tower

You need a Dragon to Fuse , Dragon to be Fused and some Fusion Points to start your Fusion

Choose a Champ to Fuse

Select the Dragon to be fused, usualy the weakest Dragon like Dragling is the best to consume

Start the Fusion, the Prime and Consort will start to Fuse

And now Your Dragon became more Stronger

How To Quest

There are 4 types of Quest, Brute Force, Magic, Tech and World. 
  • Brute Fore are usually for your combat upgrades and buildings
  • Magic Tech is for magics upgrades and buildings
  • Tech is for your Buildings upgrades to get the higher levels
  • World is for Traveling outside the map
Tips on Quest

  1. Accomplish them to get the Rewards most likely Golds, Meat, Woods and sometimes Fusion Points and Crystals
  2. Its better to get the Buildings thru Quest to get extra rewards
  3. You can get new Units thru unlocking a Quest

You will get Rewards after finishing a quest

How To Get More Resources

  • Do the Quest and finish them to get the Rewards
  • Travel thru the Map and Kill the Monsters to get some Resources
  • Buy them in the Magic Shop
  • Check out your Buildings that regenerate Resources every 2hours. You can upgrade them to enhance the amount
  • Fusion Points can be harvested in the Tavern

Weekly Event

 - coming soon -


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay

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