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Epic Raiders

Description :

Epic Raiders
Best Free Party Play RPG
Epic Raiders
Best Free Party Play RPG

The best free party play RPG for smart phones.
Battle monsters and warlords in Epic Raiders as your cast of characters work to rescue the princess! Players expand their party and target enemies to initiate an onslaught of attacks. Customize your characters in a wide variety of beautiful costumes, armor and weapons as you skill build and level up. Featuring an endless array of stages in crisp HD display, Epic Raiders will have you hooked!

Lead your party into real-time combat against enemy forces
Play with friends, join teams and come out on tope in real-time multiplayer PVP
Discover specialty items and earn rewards while fighting in Dungeon Mode
Change your party with a wide variety of characters, play characters in over thousands of combinations of colorful armor and weaponry

Featuring supreme visuals for intense gameplay

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Every Class has different characteristics, they have their PROS and CONS and its all up to you how build them up
  2. Saint (Healer) is the usual savior of the game. Most players use it as their game strategy, you should protect your Saint to have a big chance of winning.
  3. Make use of the Skill once its active in game, don't waste your time killing your enemy manually
  4. Some skills has passive effects that buff their stats and also affect their allies
  5. Recruiting more Allies in your Party doesn't affect your EXP distribution. So hire them as soon as you can
  6. Some Monster attack certain Players like Bat attacks Saint or weaker players
  7. Saint, Mage and Archer are weak Player that needs backup and cover ups. They're usual target of most Monsters
  8. Werewolves will attack if you use Heal
  9. Knight and Temple Knight are the highest DEF at ATK fighters so you should keep them in your Team
  10. Some Skill has status effect like Stun, Knockback, confuse and fire
  11. Use skill/equipment protection scroll to prevent grade drop when upgrading
  12. As upgrade level increases, so will upgrade cost, and success rate will diminish
  13. Network Dungeon is the best plays to Loot and get good items
  14. You can play PVP mode to get more great items but no EXP gained
  15. Magic Stone will give magical power and special effects to your equipment
  16. Every game you will get random Good item with magical power in the Shop
  17. You can hire a Friend to help you in quest and PVP but it will lose after you exit the game

How To Get Good Equipment

  1. The best to get Rare and Unique Equipment is by Opening Treasure and try you luck
  2. If you have some Stars you can use it to get in one Set. The Expensive the Equipment is the better
  3. You can also get Unique and Rare Equipment from the Shop after every battle with the cost of your Coins
  4. In the Shop it comes in Random to get a good equipment if you have 4 members the random will be high 
  5. To get a good to a Class, go to a Battle with one Class and finish it. After the Battle you will get a rare equipment in the shop just for your class

Class Strategy

Sayonara.. A-bomb..


  •  High attack damage
  •  Great speed attack rate
  •  Nice skills for killing
  •  Range advantage
  • Cheap equipment
  • Weak DEF
  • Weak at early game
  • No Good weapons to shop

Battle Strategy

  • There are various build for Archers, you can play with high Crit or High Atk+Spd
  • You need to focus on either High Crit or Attack+Speed to have more effect result
  • The best Team for Archer are Templar Knight, Barbarian and Knight
  • Equip her with Speed and Crit Boost or Health restoration for survival

How to Level Up

  • Equip her with EXP boost rings
  • Play in High level stage like dungeons and keep her away Monsters
  • Use Saint to keep her Alive, focus the healing on her
  • Always use her skill Precise Shot and Poison

Always put your Archer away from enemy and put your tanker in all corners



  •  Can't kill a Monster instantly
  •  Hight attack Damage
  •  Good speed attack rates
  •  Good skills for killing
  • Speed movement


  •  Weak DEF
  •  Always need someone to cover him up and heal

The best equipment for Assassin is all Attack+CRIT items with Regeneration Ring


  •  Good skills to halt monsters
  •  High attack damage
  •  Medium Def and Atk
  •  Good equipment to boost DEF and ATK
  • Slow movement
  • Slow attack rate
  •  Low Health compare with Knights

Battle Strategy

  • Make use with your Barbarian skills to stop monsters
  • The buil
  • The best Team for Archer are Templar Knight, Barbarian and Knight

How to Level Up

  • Equip her with EXP boost rings
  • Play in High level stage like dungeons and keep her away Monsters
  • Use Saint to keep her Alive, focus the healing on her
  • Always use her skill Precise Shot and Poison



  •  Great skills for range attacks
  •  High attack damage
  •  Better DEF among range type


  •  Slow movement
  •  Low Health and DEF

Saint (Healers)


  •  Has good skills like Healing, Blessing and Invicibility
  •  Good cool down of spells


  • Can't Attack 
  • Weak DEF
  •  Can not play alone, it needs someone to fight with


  •  High Attack Damage spells
  •  Good passive skills and allies supports
  •  Monster Def weak aura help a lot on killing group of monsters
  • Cheap Armor
  • Weak DEF
  • Always need someone to cover him up and heal



  •  Great DEF and ATK stats
  •  Skills are mainly build up for DEF and ATK
  •  Good tanker and infiltrator
  • Good weapons and Armors
  • Good skills for stunning and taunting


  •  Slow movement and ATK
  •  Expensive armors and weapons

Temple Knight


  •  Great DEF and ATK stats
  •  Can support and Heal Allies
  • Good tanker 
  • Good weapons and Armors
  • Faster than Knight with great Attack Rates


  •  No skills for stunning and killing
  •  Expensive armors and weapons

How to Win on PVP

If you think you're build is enough then take the challenge to fight against other players

  1. Do the QUICK search to find any Player and pick the lower level
  2. You can also use by level - Beginner, Amateur, Master.. and so on. If you want an easy win pick the Beginners
  3. Equip you best armors and items, and put your best player put Assassin and Barbarian/Archers for easy win.
  4. Using Barbarian/Archer, use his 'shout' skill to stun all enemies or Multiple arrows for Archer. This will stun all enemies
  5. while the opponent is Stun. Use your Assassin Quick-attack to kill big heroes like Knight or Assassin. 
  6. Kill the attacker first and kill the Saint last or any weak defense players

Before you start the PVP add the player so you can fight with him again

Best Team Combination

For the best TEAM in late game to defeat big BOSSes... use
Knight, Barbarian, Temple Knight and Assassin.


  1. Range attacker are hard to manage and easily get kill by large armies
  2. Melee attacker has better armors and health that can survive with massive attacks
  3. Temple Knight can replace all Healers with the help of Regeneration Rings
  4. Make sure all the Melee attacker are all in good armor to survive with attacks

How to Defeat Bosses

Usually Boss will be easy to defeat if you have better equipment and stats are upgraded.

  1. Upgrading your weapons, skills and Team Skills will be a great help to defeat the Boss more easy.
  2. The easiest way to defeat the BOSS is to put the Assassin on and let him do the KILL. Make sure he have CLOAK to escape from battle in time of dying
  3. Focus on the Boss and leave the minions, soon enough you can kill the Boss just in time

Plant Monster




keep attacking the Dragon no matter what happen.. leave his minions
and attack him till toasted

How to Get More Keys

How to Win in Dungeons

How to Hire a Fighter from Friends


The Item Shop



Equipment for Knights

Equipment for Temple Knight

Equipment for Saints

Upgradable Team Skills

ATT will increase team attack per level with the cost of Golds

 - coming soon -


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. cool.. what is the best items and team for healer or saint?

  2. post a hack plz..

  3. I don't think you will need a hack for this game.. once any of hero reached to level60 everything will be easy and boring... just keep on battling to level up and get more golds.. once you got a lot of golds buy an rare item or play on Arena to get keys for treasure box.. Too EASY!

    favorite team: Temple Knight , Assassin, Barbarian and Hunter

  4. how do you you get the regen ring? and can the templar knight replace saint?

  5. there are occasion after battling with the higher level boss a new item in your shop will be available, if you're lucky you can buy the regent ring for golds. check your shop everytime you finish a level.

    the Templar knight has the ability to heal your allies. There's another ability of him that he restores his allies health for every damage he received. Use your Templar knight to tank and attract enemies, he's much better compares to Saint because he can survive from attack. Always team him up with assassin or barbarian because his damage is not that good


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