Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Kingdoms Defense 2

Description :

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Level up your units to make it stronger
  2. You will earn Gold from killing enemies thru battle
  3. You need Golds on battle for hiring units, hiring Hero and summoning skills so you have to spend it wisely
  4. Hero are strongest units but too expensive use it when its only necessary
  5. Occasionally there are Treasure Box and Help request for that will give you gold rewards 
  6. You can purchase Skills, Heroes and Units in the  shop
  7. Autobot is very useful but you have to buy more arrows that will cost real money
  8. Upgrade your Tower, Arrow Strength, Production Stratagem, Food Stratagem, and Gold Stratagem in the Strategy Shop
  9. You can go back to your completed Stage and get more Xp and Golds
  10. Use your arrow or Stratagem to kill more enemy and save buying units

How To Battle with Units and Heroes

  1. Picky your Soldier to use. The Swordsman and Archer is the Basic unit to use and they're the cheapest
  2. Always make sure you have golds to buy units and skills otherwise you have to use your Arrow Man to kill the upcoming enemies
  3. Use Skills like Healing only in difficult situation. Use it wisely because its to expensive for a small use
  4. You can Equip 10 slots for your Units, Heroes and Skills. Use the Slots to set up your offense.


How To Battle With Tower Guard

  1. Your Tower Guard can shoots Arrow to your Enemy, practice how to use it on timing to make it more effective
  2. You can use Autobot to replace your Guard, this will automatically hit your enemy accurately but it has limited arrow which you need to buy
  3. When your Tower Guard reached the Max Combo it will produce a powerful attack like firing Arrow
  4. You can upgrade your Tower Guard to lessen the Combo requirement and make it more powerful

How To Level Up and Get More Golds

  1. The best way to earn more Golds is to save and spend your Golds wisely
  2. Hire a low cost Unit like Swordsman and Archer and limit your use with Skills and Hero
  3. Upgrade your Swordsman and Archer so you won't be needing to hire Higher Level Units which is more expensive
  4. Repeat playing some easy levels to earn more Gold easily. Use a limited Swordsman to save more Golds
  5. Get Free Golds from installing affiliates Apps
  6. Check out the Map, there are occasions there's a Treasure box and Rewards for Golds.

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  1. Start the game using  your Tower Guard and kill enemies as much as you can
  2. In the next stage you can start buying some units like Swordsman and Archer. Limit the use of units because you will consume your Golds
  3. If you want to save more Golds use your Tower Guard to kill enemies and limit your Units
  4. With the amounts of  Gold you have saved. Spend it to upgrade your Swordsman
  5. Keep on upgrading your Swordsman in every 9th level because it will increase its cost and you have to save more Golds for other upgrades
  6. Keep on playing till you get enough Golds for upgrades. Upgrade your Tower Guard Attack and Gold Production in the Stratagem Shop
  7. Repeat playing some Stage that easy for you using limited Units. This way you will get more Golds.
  8. Keep on leveling up your unit Swordsman and if you have more extra Gold unlock a Hero and level it up

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  1. What's the cheap est and best hero to use?

  2. any of the Hero just keep on leveling him up.. always make you have enough golds to hire him


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