Monday, August 20, 2012

Derby Days

Description :

Roll up your sleeves and start building the ranch of your dreams!
★★The Most Fabulous Horse game is finally here★★
★Do you like Horses? Great fan of rare breeds? We have more than you can ever Imagine! Start your Derby Days NOW★
Roll up your sleeves and start building the ranch of your dreams!
Nurture your horses to be the best of the best and compete with neigh-boring horses. Breed your horse with your friends’ and customize them any way you want! Spruce up your ranch to provide ideal environment for your horse… With a stream pool and a corner track, there is no better place to call home for your horses. Watch them race in local derbies and compete for trophies in the championship! Go for gold!
★★★ This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文 and 日本語. ★★★
- Millions of horses to discover!
- Breed a new horse with your friend for an unexpected surprise!
- Three levels of training facilities!
- Beautiful buildings to customize your ranch!- Tons of animals to keep the horses company!
- Vibrant decorations to make your ranch stand out!
- Visit your friends and show off your prize horses!
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Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Login to your Com2Us account to register more friend and get freebies
  2. You can get XP from buildings some buildings and decors
  3. Get More friends to have more Horse to breed and carrots as rewards
  4. You need to Train your Horse to level them up
  5. You need Carrots to Train your Horse
  6. Compete in Derby to get high prize rewards
  7. Breed more horse for more chance of winning in Derby
  8. You can train and compete in Derby if you have more Horse
  9. Do all the quest tasks to get more XP , Coins or sometime a Cash
  10. You will consume an Energy everytime you compete in the Derby

How to get More Carrots

Visit a friend
Buy it in the Shops for Coins or Cash
Get it during a Derby race

How to Get More Cash

Level up and get a Cash
Buy it from the Shop with exchange of real money
Get it for Free by installing affiliates Apps
Win it from a Derby

How to win in Derby or Championship

  1. Train you horse daily and level them up
  2. Find a race derby that will give you more chance
  3. You can check your chance in a Race indicates 'Chance to Win'
  4. You can keep on competing in a Derby until you win

How to get more XP and Coins

  1. Race in Derby and get XP and Coins as Prize
  2. Race on Championship Derby to get more exclusive prize
  3. Occasionally you can get a Coins during a race
  4. Do the Quest tasks and get some XP and Coins as reward
  5. Send and receive a Free Gifts from a friend

 - coming soon -


  1. Sign or Login in your to your Com2Us to get freebies
  2. Complete the Tutorial but don't ever use any Cash to skip (instant finish) a task
  3. Once the tutorial is done, starting training your Horse
  4. Go to the Cash Shop and select the FREE CASH
  5. Install all the Affiliates Apps that you can to get extra Cash
  6. Do the Quest task to get more rewards Coins and XP
  7. Make sure follow the Quest Task to get the rewards
  8. Build more buildings that's generates coins
  9. Add some friends to get some rewards Carrots and Breed with their Horse
  10. Train your breed Horse  and level them up
  11. Compete in Derby to get more coins
  12. Make sure to use all your energy for competing in Derby or Championship

 - coming soon -

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  1. How do you get a flying horse and how do you get heaps of horse slots?

    1. Buckle down and buy cash to get horse slots... and winged horses are all luck


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