Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoot The Zombirds

Description :

How long will you survive?
Do you remember Pumpkin Boy? Last year he was protecting little Pumpkids from the evil birds. Now, that the Pumpkids have grown up a bit, the undead birds are after them once again.
Dive into our new and absorbing game of bird and zombie shooting. Both at the same time! Defend little Pumpkids against the demonic hordes of undead birds. Complete dozens of challenging objectives! Use your loyal crossbow and big magic power-ups to reach the top of the leaderboards! Upgrade your skills and dress up as classic horror movies characters! All that, with tons of fun in Infinite Dreams newest release - Shoot The Zombirds!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Extend your Arrow to aim higher and reach high flyer Enemy
  2. Aim for Combo attack which attack a multiple Birds in one Arrow
  3. Upgrade your Arrows to get more shoots
  4. Upgrade the number of your Pumpkins to prolong your game
  5. You can change your Character in the Costume Shop

How to get More Coins

  1. Play more games
  2. Kill the Flying Skulls in the Game
  3. Like them on Facebook for Free Coins
  4. Rate and write review fore Free Coins
  5. Download ans install their partners App for Free Coins
  6. Buy them with your Real Money in the Shop

Check out the FREE Coins Shop for Free Coins

Complete  the Objectives

Get more Coins to change the Pumpkin Boy

You can enhance your Ability by Upgrading it in the Shop

Your Baby Pumpkin will eat by this monster

Buy more Coins with real money if you're frustrated with your gaming

Upgrade your Arrows, Pumpkin and the Flying Skulls

 - coming soon -


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. I am stuck on level 47. I have to get 7,000,000 points. This seems impossible. The highest I have ever gotten is right around 3,000,000. Is there an easier way to get more points?

  2. shoot like 100 in a row. you get more points the less you miss. level 48 is owning all he costumes and level 49 is shoot 200 zoms in a row....this one is tough


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