Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arcane Empires

Description :

Play Arcane Empires - build your empire in the most awesome strategy game!
A battle for freedom is raging! Use magic and steam-tech to build your cities, raise armies, and resist the evil Prince Dessen as you found your own Arcane Empire!
★★★★★ "What else is there to say - this game is simply awesome!"
★★★★★ "I’m addicted to this game and I love it."
In the midst of a brutal civil war, you and your countrymen have at last secured your independence from the merciless Korassian Empire. The weakened imperial forces, led by Prince Dessen, attempt to regain control of the realm and enslave the population. Build up your city to protect your people and your freedom!
✔ Play online with thousands of other players
✔ Forge diplomatic alliances with other cities
✔ Plan strategy in real time with live chat
✔ Train an army of shock troops, mechagriffs & dreadnoughts
✔ Appoint Captains to lead your troops
✔ Fortify your city’s defenses
✔ Build a great and powerful colony
✔ Conquer enemies and isles across the vast world map
✔ Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
✔ and much, much more!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You have Beginner's Protection in your 6days so make use out of it in your preperation
  2. In Beginner's Portection no one can attack or scout you and in the same time you can't scout other empire
  3. There 3 parts of Map. Onec is your main Castle the second layer is your fields and the last one is the Word Map
  4. There are 4 types of Buildings Farm, Sawmill, Crystal Mine and Ironworks. Upgrading this will grant more productions
  5. In your Castle you 5 types of Buildings. Homestead, Training Grounds, Foundry, Relief Station and Arcane Spire
  6. You need a Captain to command your Battle
  7. You have to Train units to have more troops
  8. You can BOOST your Production in exchange with Gold
  9. Get your Daily Chance in Mikko's Market and get rare items and extra resources
  10. You can play more in the Daily Chance with your exchange of Golds for Tokens

How To get More Golds Coins

  1. Sign up with KABAM account and get 73Golds
  2. Post and connect in your facebook for 10golds
  3. Send 10mails about Arcane Empire and get Bonus Golds
  4. Get it from Mikko's Market by chance
  5. There are certain Mission that rewards you Gold Coins
  6. But it with your Real Money int he Shop

 - coming soon -

Buy Golds with exchange of your Real Money

Get a Bonus with 300++ Golds accumulated

Sign up your KABAM account and get 75 Free Golds and more promo

Get some Chest with your Gold in the Shop

Try you luck in Mikko's Market

play the Daily Chance in Mikko's Market and get surprising prizes

You can get rare items and high price value items in Mikko's Market

You can BOOST your Production with exchange of your Golds

You can have Enhance Attacks or Buffs to your conquest

Get some Rewards per Mission Accomplishments

Post in your Facebook and get more Golds

Get connected with your Friends and achieve more Golds

You will get more Bonus and Unlock units, buildings and research per LEVEL UP

Upgrade your Buildings to increase the Max Limit and speed production of your resources

Research in your Laboratory to Upgrade or Unlock a unit


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay

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