Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Street

Description :

Create your own happy village and be part of a funny and fresh adventure
Create your own happy village and discover Billy, Zoƫ and Pepin in a funny and fresh adventure.
In Happy Street you will be able to build a charming village, trade with your friends, discover new places, play with mini games, fish, craft objects, collect resources and much more.
Gamezebo - 9/10
"the game has quickly become my go-to sim game"
DeltaAttack - 9/10
"Happy Street is a charming, little town building game that will be loved by kids and adults."
- Meet Billy, Zoe et Pepin and other unique characters.
- Customize your characters.
- Discover 3 unique environments and more to come.
- Play with your friends.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Don't use Flooz for skipping a task or building
  2. Use Flooz for Expanding your land
  3. You need Housing to get more Characters that will generate income to your Village
  4. Build more Business to get more Cash Flow and Visitor to visit your Village
  5. Decoration will enhance the revenue of your Business
  6. Special Buildings will give you more visitors, create special items and generate more cash
  7. You need woods and other material to build House and Shops
  8. You can get Woods from the Forest
  9. Every Villager has their own characteristics that will give special task
  10. Tap the upcoming riders in your village to visit your Shops
  11. Place your Decoration Object between two shops to get more Bonus Combo
  12. Woodcraft can mix and create sepcial items
  13. Check your Bags for more Items to Gift
  14. You can switch your Buildings if your resident is far from a Shop that's he's demanding

Resources and Tapable Objects

  • Riding Visitor - this will stop to your village and buy on your shops
  • Moon - this will give you Moonstone
  • Bat - will give you Bat Tooth
  • Flower - will give you Red Tulip, its also can be used for making Flowe Bouquet
  • Trees - will give you Wood Log this can be use for Buidling and creating wood plank
  • Flying Bird in Forest - will give you Red Feather
  • Blue Crystal - will give your Blue Crystal
  • Mushroom - will give you mushroom and use for making Mushroom soap 
  • Toadstool - will give you musroom
  • Apple Tree - will give you apple and use for making Apple Juice
  • Coconut Tree - will give you Coconut good for selling and giving gift
  • Fishing Pond - will give you Salmon and Trout
  • Flying Bird in Village - this will poo your villagers and give you more coins. Its poo can also be used for Fertilizer

How to Level Up

  1. Building more Shops, Everytime you restock your Shop you gain 1exp
  2. Complete a task, some task will give you more Exp
  3. To get restock your Shop more faster, always to get more Fiesta and more Visitors

How to have Fiesta

  1. Tap the driving thru visitor in your Village, this will give you a Heart
  2. Occasionally there are Visitor that will ask Help. Helping them will give you Hearts
  3. Tap a Visitor that's looking for another Villager, will give you both Hearts

How To Get More Flooz

  1. Accomplish a Certain Task, some task will give you a Flooz Reward
  2. Every Level up will give you a Flooz
  3. Try your Luck from playing in mini-games like in Spin-a-wheel or Lucky Spin
  4. Get if Free by Installing Affiliates App
  5. Buy it from Shop with exchange of your Real Money

How To Get More Golds

  1. Create more Shops that will generates more income
  2. Upgrade your Shops to generate more stocks
  3. Play Mini games and win more Golds
  4. Make your Villager happy by giving what they want, this will visit more on your shops
  5. Fiesta will help a lot to let your Villager buy more
  6. Accomplish a Task that will rewards you some Golds
  7. Help a Villager and will reward you some Golds
  8. Tap some objects like Apple Tree, Coconut  Tree, Balloons and Flying Birds
  9. Visit Friends and get more coins

LIKE This Page and ADD more FRIENDS to your VILLAGE

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  1. Finish the Tutorial
  2. Go to the Shop and get the Free Flooz by installing the Affiliates App
  3. Build more Cottage to get more regular resident in your Village
  4. Tap more Visitor to visit your Shop
  5. Build and get object by Following the step-by-step Task to get the rewards
  6. Don't use your Flooz for other things, use it only for Expanding your Teritory

 - coming soon -

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