Monday, September 17, 2012

Heroes Call

Description :

Free to play Action RPG. Answer the call!
Fight your way through more than 30 lush dungeons, collect gear, learn new skills and uncover the secrets of Brineside.
•Supports extended effects on Tegra devices•
•Link with Facebook in the Tavern to sync play across multiple devices and to ensure you can easily recover your progress•
Featuring incredible graphics and deep RPG levelling and gear, Heroes Call brings dungeon crawling action and adventure to the mobile and tablet as it's never been seen before.
Brineside is a city under siege, beset with dangers from outside, within and below. The Adventurers Guild is in dire need of new Heroes. Are you ready to answer the call?.
•Dynamic player lighting
•Enemy rag doll : Knock your opponents down stairs and off ledges!
•Enhanced particle effects
•Variable camera distance
•Visceral combat with a range of weapons.
•Built from the ground up for touch.
•Incredible 3D graphics that showcase the power of your device.
•Intuitive controls, designed specifically for touchscreen devices, easy to pick-up and offering depth to master.
•Each hero has a wide range of powers and abilities, level your hero to match your play style.
•Over 40 quests split into different adventures that take you all around Brineside.
•Quests play out in unique order, so every Hero has a different journey.
•Over 100 different enemies including Orcs, Zombies, Skeletons and Ogres.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Attack is not Automatic you need to control to target your enemy
  2. You can only Level Up every Quest Completion
  3. Health and Mana regenerates on Time when you not engage in Battle
  4. Black Knight is the first Hero you can only use for the other HEROES you have to BUY for it
  5. Destroy casket, box, barrel and any other breakable objects in every area, there are loots you can gather
  6. Always look at the MAP located in the top-left of screen and find the Red Marks to find your path
  7. You can SELL your item in the BlackSmith
  8. You need to Appraise an unidentified equipment before you can equip it
  9. You can't equip an item that's not applicable in your class
  10. You can change your Heroes Looks in the Skin Panel
  11. Skills will be unlockable in certain Level
  12. You can PLAY completed games in the GUILD panel
  13. Login and connected with your Facebook to get more Golds and Friends
  14. Add more Friends from your Facebook and get Attack Bonus

Equipment Tips

  1. Always Appraise you looted item and find the best item attributes
  2. You can SKIP the Appraising for Free if its less than a minute
  3. Light Weapon usually has faster hit but weak attack and Heavy Weapon has strong attack but low hit points
  4. The more rare the item the more it become stronger. 
  5. Rarity determine the specialty of equipment, From Common(white) - Uncommon(Blue) -  Epic(purple) and Special(gold)
  6. Some Epic item is not that strong so better to check all the attributes before replacing them
  7. You can buy stronger and more rare item in the BlackSmith
  8. BlackSmith refreshes its items every level completion
  9. You can get rare and special item in the Boss Level
  10. Always save your best weapon in your Bank 
  11. Some Weapons has elemental effects like Fire that gives burn and knockback
  12. Always make sure you have SPACE in your Stash when you're going for QUEST

Quest Tips

  1. Read carefully the Quest Objectives
  2. Check out The Map and follow the RED Mark where your quest should be completed
  3. You can ran over and skip some monsters and go through your quest objectives
  4. Don't waste your time by killing Monsters in Quest because you can Replay the Quest without pressures
  5. Always equip yourself with MANA and HEALTH Potions
  6. Don't use the Health Ruby loot if you life is in FULL, you can go back to use it when you need it
  7. Always use your Skills like WHIRLWIND at all times
  8. If you QUIT the Qust you will lost all your loots you have gained
  9. You can play again the completed Quest in The Guild Panel to get more high equipment and more Golds
  10. You can  not gain Level Up in replayed Quest in the Guild
  11. Always make sure you have SPACE in your Stash when you're going for QUEST

Hero Tips

  1. The First Hero you can play is The Black Knight
  2. In the HERO Panel your can Upgrade your Skills
  3. You can also change your Looks in the Skin Panel though there's no difference with your stats
  4. Don't waste your SKILLS in your basic Skills, aim for the advanced Skills
  5. WHIRLWIND and FRENZY is your best Beginners SKILLS

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  1. cool tips, is there's a way to unlock the other HERO without buying it with money?

  2. There are simplified diablo-like game, boring and fully linear. You have no choice where to go or what you should do. Pretty good graphics and F2P are only benefits of that.


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