Friday, September 28, 2012

iFighter 1945

Description :

iFighter is now available on Google Play.
"Great options for controls, great graphics and sound, and really well designed intensely epic boss battles. " - (4/5)
"Despite the two decades I’ve lived, no vertical scrolling shooter has captivated me like iFighter." - Jeff Effendi, (9/10)
"With its rocking original soundtrack and crisp graphics, this vertical 2D shooter has zoomed in and blasted the competition out of the sky." - (5-Dimple)
As the ace pilot of the airforce in WWII, your mission is to destroy the secret weapon prototypes of the Nazis. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for some non-stop action!
- 3 difficulty settings
- 5 different fighters
- 4 control modes: motion, touch, joypad and relative
- 8 challenging missions
- original sound tracks
- spectacular end-of-level bosses

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. There are 3 way to control your actions. Go to settings and change it base from which you're comfortable with
  2. You can get power-ups and bonus capsules after destroing the group of glowing planes
  3. Big Boss usually has big-HP and more fire power. Learn their moves and timing of their fire
  4. Some capsules will give you +HP, +Bomb, +mini-planes, and power ups
  5. Use power-ups base from the situation
  6. Some power-ups is not too effective against Boss
  7. You will lose all your power-ups and mini-planes after you get killed
  8. You can retry you last mission but with minimal HP  and no power-ups

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 - coming soon -

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