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For a limited time, start and receive 1,000 coins free!
"Zynga is proud to introduce Montopia, the definitive monster battle RPG. For a limited time only, start your adventure now and receive 1,000 coins free! Combines the best features of classic battle role-playing games with monster fusing and evolving!
*** Montopia ***
Go on an adventure with your friends!
• Story
There were always rumors of Montopia, a monster utopia that came to a mysterious end many years ago. They said that any wish would be granted to the person that collected all the monsters and restored Montopia to its former glory.
As a monster trainer, it’s up to you to embark on the journey in search of the truth with Milly, your childhood friend!
• Montopia Game Features
* Collect Monsters!
Collect all the monsters that have been sealed in treasure chests as you explore!
You can also unseal rare monsters by combining monster fragments along your journey!
* Fuse and Evolve Monsters!
Breed unique new monsters through fusion and then enhance them to make the monsters unbeatable!!
Not only will it level up their abilities, but some monsters may evolve in special, unexpected ways!
* Try Co-op Fusion
Boost you monster’s abilities more dramatically by working with your crew to create new monsters!
* Over 400 Monsters Await You
More than 400 kinds of monsters from one of three different types – fire, wood, and water – are waiting to be discovered!
Collect all the monsters in order to complete your Monstapedia!

Try to get rare monsters by playing the MonstaMatic’s free daily lottery drawing!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. There are three type of Mosnters. Fire, Wood and Water
  2. Every Monster's Type has Pros and Cons. 
  3. You can buy items to boost your Monsters in Battle
  4. Levelling Up will give you +3 Ability Points and a Crew Point
  5. After Level Up all your stats like Health will Replinish
  6. Keep on allocating your Ability Points to upgrade your stats
  7. Completing the Fragments will give you better and sometimes rare monsters
  8. Look at the Monster's Defense in Battle, your ATTACK should be strong enough 

How To Get More Coins

  1. Play the evens with x2 coins rewards
  2. Play the Quest 
  3. Battle and earn some coins per win
  4. Sell your weak monster
  5. Buy it from the shop with your real Money

Quest Tips

  1. You need more Health to perform Quest
  2. As Quest go higher more health and items are required
  3. You can get Monsters, Items and Fragment in Quest
  4. You can get +1 Ability Point per completion in Stage
  5. You can replenish your Health with with Energy herb

Monster's Tips

  1. Fire are strong against Wood but Weak against Water
  2. Water are strong against Fire but weak against Wood
  3. Wood are strong against Water but weak against  Fire
  4. Get more Monster in Montamatic with your monsta points

Monster Fusion Tips

  1. There's a better EFFECT if you fuse two the same type of Monsters
  2. Your Base Monster should be in high level before fusion
  3. Fuse only the high-rare monster

MonstaMatic Tips

  1. Monstamatic will give you a random Monster 
  2. You can also get a Rare Monster from the machine
  3. You can use MonstaCash to get RARE Monstamatic
  4. Get one FREE everrday and certain time of day like LunchTime
  5. Use your Monsta Points
  6. Get more Monsta Points by Poking a Freind

Crew Tips

  1. You need to Level Up to able to add another Crew
  2. Every new friend in your Crew will give you +3 Ability Points
  3. Poke your Friends and get +10 monsta Points
  4. Visit your crew and check their stats to learn more about their techniques

How To get More Crew

  1. Get Login to your Facebook and find friends that plays the Game
  2. Search friend via Facebook
  3. You can also search it via USERNAME or ID, and even by LEVEL

How To Get Rank-up Reward

  1. Go to your Menu and find your Trainer ID
  2. Get your Trainer ID and post it in your Facebook and other social Media
  3. Once your Friend started to play, they will use your Trainer ID and you will get the reward
  4. You can post your Trainer ID in the 'comments' section of this BLOG
  5. Visit the Android Games - ADD ME and LIKE the page then post your TRAINER ID

LIKE This Page and POST your TRAINER ID

How to get More MonstaCash

  1. Get it for FREE by Installling ghe Free APPS
  2. Get it as a reward from Events
  3. Buy it from the SHOP with your your real Money

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