Thursday, October 11, 2012

Animal Collections

Description :

Decorate your very own forest and make friends with rare animals! Dancing Lion? Red Panda? Even the legendary Pegasus?!
With over 17 million downloads in total, Nubee is proud to bring you our newest title, Animal Collections!
Collect and befriend rare and cute animals you've never seen before!
Create a Unique Forest and make your friends envious!
★More than 120 rare and legendary animals!
★Keep your animals Happy and Bubbly!
★Let your animals go on Journeys with your friends to discover Special Animals!
★Get lucky and find rare animals by visiting the Magic Forest!
★Unlock new animals and over 200 decorations at every new level!
★Share your Lovely Animals to your friends on Facebook!
★Use your imagination, be creative and build your own unique forest!
★Invite friends and let them help you with some Missions!
★ Regular updates! New animals and decorations every month!
Visual effects:
Get to see animals Happy, Sad and Playing like a real pet! Feed them and take care of them!
Colorful and various Decorations and Background!
Discover and Collect them all!!
PLEASE NOTE: Animal Collections is free to play, but some additional in-app content requires real cash payment. To disable in-app purchase, please change your device settings. Some features require internet connection to play.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You need some acorns to build buildings, buy decorations, buy foods and other stuffs
  2. Happiness points is your energy to to do more jobs
  3. Your Animals will generate Acorns at certain time
  4. You need to feed your Animals with foods in their feeding time
  5. You Animals can level up and can give more Acorns
  6. You can find some common Animals in the Magic Forest 
  7. You need Friendship points to enter the Magic Forest
  8. Most rare Animals can be seen in the Legendary Forest
  9. You need Diamonds to find rare animals

How To Get More Acorns

  1. Collect more Animals
  2. Complete every task and get Acorns from rewards
  3. Visit your Friends and help them
  4. Feed your Animals and acorns in exchange
  5. Get it from the Legendary Tree every hour
  6. Get it from the Daily Bonus
  7. Sell your Magic Fruits
  8. Release your Animals

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