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League of Summoners


To all LOL (league of Legends) fans and loves playing in their mobile, who want's to play League of Legends in their mobile? wish we can but here's a little alternative to ease your addiction while you're away in your computer to play. Download the League of Summoners if you want to see more of you favorite summoners.

The unique micro operation on phone and the dynamic release of ult skills offer you the unprecedented battle experience. Along with advanced gameplay such as skill interruption and skill combination, League of Summoners totally surpass the traditional ones. The vivid and cute heroes will never bore you. Let's get the war started!


  1.  Follow the tutorial, you will get your first 3 Summoners from the treasure box and the other one as default
  2.  You will be playing in the campaign if you follow the tutorial till you get next 2 Summoners, this is just straight forward and you have no other goal is to finish the tutorial and completing the first Chapter
  3. As you complete the chapter you gone level up, you need to level up your team to extend your Summoners level. You need to catch up with the Team Levels so you will have good advantage
  4. In every stage you will get items and weapons, equip as soon as you get it
  5. When a Summoners completes his items set, you can do 'advancement'. This will absorb all his equip gear and will boost his stats. Leveling up your 'advancement' will enhance your Hero will unlock new skills
  6. At level-10 you will now be allowed to upgrade your skills using your coins, Level up your skills to enhance the damage and effectivitiy of the skills.

Campaign Quest Tips

  1. If you can not beat the next stage try to go back to previous stages and level up, you can also get better gears on revisiting the stages
  2.  Completing the stages with 3stars will unlock the "AUTO", this will give you an easy life on leveling up. 
  3. Release your powerful skills on time, you can interrupt your enemy skill by countering your powerful attack 
  4. The good stage to return is with EXP potion and golds try to repeat Battle on this stages because this gives more loots compare to stage with rare items
  5. Everytime you will get a new item, try to equp as soon as you can to get more advantage on battle
  6. Complete the item set of your equipment will give you a chance to do 'advancement', this will enhance all your stats based from your equiped gears
  7. Once you complete a Normal Chapter, it will unlock the Expert. The Expert Difficulty has more better loot like Summoners souls and experience bonus


Summoners Tips

  1.  Front Hero is a tanker player, so you have to gear him up with high HP , Armor and Magic Resistance Gear to keep him alive in battle. Most of the time your front hero is your key of success
  2. Middle Heroes are usually a support-attacker players, Your healer should have high HP and armor to keep her alive while the next hero should have descent HP and Attack. 
  3. Usually the Mid are support of your tanker and they are the ones will replace your front hero once they have taken down
  4. The Rare or back Heroes are massive attack players. You will spend all their gears and skills to enhance their attack. They are usually the range and mage heroes, while the front are busy tanking the enemy the rare will do the damage attack
  5. The upgarde your gears in the Enchant Equiptment, enchanting your gears will level up its stats but you have to use item to emblem with the gears
  6. There are two types of Summoners , Magical and Physical, based from the type you have to consider which gear you want to upgrade
  7. Upgrading your Gear is a big advantage in the game. Upgrade your gears to enhance your attack and survival chance
  8. Check out more often the Shops, occasionally you will find a some rare Summoners souls to unlock them 

How to get More Diamonds

  1. The best way to get Gems is to win in the Battle Arena and get on the higher ranks to get more diamonds
  2. Login daily to get the daily Rewards sometime they giveaway some diamonds
  3. Complete the Quests , some quest will rewarcds diamonds
  4. If you're lucky enough, you will get diamonds from the treasure box
  5. Open the Ancient Coin and convert it to coins, this will complete one of the Events Quest that will give you some Diamonds
  6. Buy it with real money in the shop

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