Friday, September 5, 2014

Ninja vs Pirate (Naruto vs One Piece)


If you love anime and all of it, this game is for you. Play as Ichigo, Naruto , Luffy , Harry Potter, Mai Shiranui and  all the your favorite anime , movie, or video games characters.

A strange darkness force, break the balance of animation world. Chaos and twisted space-time flood in all over the world. Summon your companions, Fight with our heroes, create our own history, bring the peace back to the world.


  1.  Follow the tutorial, get your first 2 HEROES (Ichigo and Black Rock)
  2.  Keep on battle until you finish the 3rd stage, this will give you some loots . You can get your 3rd Hero Mai Shiranui, add her and equip her with items
  3.  If you still losing in fights, go back to the first house in chapter 1 and you can start leveling up again, you can use "auto" to let your character do their job 
  4. Everytime your teamwork level  up, level up your Heroes too by using EXP potions
  5. Once you reach level-10, try to equip some armors/gears this will enhance your attackand defense. Use the blacksmith house to enhance your gears
  6. At the 6th stage you will get Haruhi, your first healer in your team. Level her up to be more valuable
  7.  Don't forget to equip Ichigo or your front player with better gears. 
  8.   At teamwork level 15  you can enhance your skills, enhance your skills with amount of golds. You will need to save more golds on upgrading your skills
  9.   Complete the Chapter 1 with 3 stars to get the Giant Treasure box

Battle Quest Tips

  1. If you can not beat the next stage try to go back to previous stages and level up, you can also get better gears on revisiting the stages
  2.  Completing the stages with 3stars will unlock the "AUTO", this will give you an easy life on leveling up
  3. Release your powerful attack on time, you can interrupt your enemy skill by countering your powerful attack 
  4. The good stage to return is with EXP potion and coins, try to repeat Battle on this stages because this gives more loots compare to stage with rare items
  5. Always tank or equip with high HP and Armor your front player, this will give you more survival chance and completing the stage with 3stars
  6. Once you complete a Normal Chapter, it will unlock the Elite. The Elite Difficulty has more better loots and experience bonus
  7. Clearing every stage will unlock new feature


Hero Tips

  1.  Front Hero is a tanker player, this is Ichigo as your first player. You have to gear him up with high HP , Armor and Magic Resistance Gear to keep him alive in battle. Most of the time your front hero is your key of success
  2. Middle Heroes are usually a support-attacker players, Haruhi and Mai are the first heroes your can get. Your healer should have high HP and armor to keep her alive while the next hero should have descent HP and Attack. 
  3. Usually the Mid are support of your tanker and they are the ones will replace your front hero once they have taken down
  4. The Rare or back Heroes are massive attack players. You will spend all their gears and skills to enhance their attack. They are usually the range and mage heroes, while the front are busy tanking the enemy the rare will do the damage attack
  5. Upgrading your Gear is a big advantage in the game. Upgrade your gears to enhance your attack and survival chance
  6. All your golds or coins will be used up on upgrading your skills and gears
  7. Always check out the Dragon Egg to get more new heroes
  8. Check out more often the Shops, occasionally you will find a good Hero souls to unlock them 

How to get More Gems

  1. Compete in the Arena and get on the higher to get more Gems
  2. Complete the Quest , some quest rewarcds Gems
  3. Finish every Chapter in the Battle and get a 3stars per stage to unlock the Giant Treasure Box
  4. Buy it with real money in the shop

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