Thursday, December 11, 2014

DOT Hero


Asia’s #1 Mobile Game is taking Southeast Asia by storm! Experience innovative strategic action-card-battle gameplay, collect your team of cute and epic heroes, and challenge your friends in unique PvP, survival, and guild co-op multiplayer combat.
Join the 43 million players discovering this unique RPG card battle experience – enter the world of

Dot Arena now.
Dot Arena is Asia’s top PvP RPG action card battle game. Features:

  1. Standout cute-yet-epic art style with over 50 unforgettable heroes (and more always coming!) - can you collect them all? 
  2. Tap to unleash each hero’s powerful Ultimate ability in all-new tactical action card-battle gameplay - control the pace of battle, master the arena!  Over 120,000 combinations of heroes, let alone equipment. Play front, mid or back? Tank, DPS or Support? Take your team of heroes into your hands: the strategies are yours to explore. 
  3. Play it your way with various single and multiplayer gameplay modes. Adventure through a classic campaign or test your heroes with time-challenge PvE; climb arena leaderboards, or brave the crucible - Dot Arena's unique survival-mode PvP. Explore dungeons, join your guild’s co-op quests, and hire heroes: the role-playing and fun social possibilities are endless.


  1. At early game, complete the tutorial to get the rewards
  2. Save your diamonds for getting high rare Heroes or items
  3. Don't waste your coins on buying in Shops, most of the items can be acquired thru quest and events
  4. Always keep your Hero Level ups as your Team Level Ups
  5. You can get rare hero from the Chest Box, just wait till it up and don't use your diamonds to open it
  6. Learn how to use your timing on using your heroes Skills, don't use your Hero skills in wrong timing
  7. At team Level 10 you will able to upgrade your skills, the max number of skill is as high as your Hero level


HOW TO GET MORE Diamonds              

  1. Compete in the Arena, you will win diamonds as rewards base on your ranks
  2. Do the Daily Event Quest, some of the quest rewards diamonds like Touch of Midas
  3. Login daily and get the rewards
  4. Complete the quest in every chapters, Quests will give you some diamonds rewards
  5. Participate in weekly events to get more high rewards
  6. Check your Mail more often , occasionally the creator of the game sends some rewards



  1.  DO the quest/campaign and win golds for every defeated monsters    , you can repeat the quest to get more golds
  2. Do the Daily Event Quest, some of the quest rewards diamonds
  3. Sale your unused items
  4. Get it from the Touch of Midas in exchange of Diamonds
  5. Do the Rift , Conquest, Trial and Mercenary quest
  6. Login daily and get the rewards
  7.  Open the treasure Bronze chests box, occasionally it will give you more golds
  8.  Check your MailBox more ofter. Sometime it will send you free golds
  9.  Buy it in the shop for realy money



  1. You need to levep up your teamwork to release the level limit of your hero
  2. Use the experience potions for easy level up
  3. Do the quest/campaign, you'll gain exp for every completion. You can repeat the stage if you get the 3 stars ratings
  4. Once finish a chapter a new ELITE difficulty will be open. This will give you more expbut higher stamina required (12pts)
  5. Compete in the Trials, this will give you more experience in daily monster battle
  6.  Compete in the Rift, this have higher rank monster which have better experience


  1.   Generally There are two types of hero, Physical and Magical damager. There are quest that you need to have physical to kill magic immune enemy and there's also a physical immune that's weak against magic. 
  2. There are two kinds of ability, passive and active, it's good to keep them level up. Thepassive doesn't need energy but weaker compare to active while active requires energy withhigher damage and effects
  3.  In your opponents always pick the weakest in the list for higher chance of winning but defeating a higher power player will give you more rewards however it will takes a big luck to win.



  1. Level up your teamwork to gain back more stamina
  2. Get it from event quest in every 6hours

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