Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Linkin Park Recharge - Guide , Tips and Tricks


In this fast-paced 3D action game the player becomes part of the Resistance; the last stand against the Hybrids.
In a bleak future, the world we know is no more. Earth is now a barren wasteland ruled by the monstrous Hybrids – hostile synthetic creatures made of metal and flesh. They ravage the world, depleting it of its energy and valuable resources.

Join the Resistance!
• Explore the Wastelands in a fast-paced oldschool action game!
• Challenge yourself with highly tactical gameplay that will surely test your skills
• No In-App Purchases needed to complete the game.
• No internet connection required
• Connect to the internet and get the latest updates and new game features - automatically!
• 100+ different items, just waiting to be found
• Accomplish 60+ goals, each with its own reward
• Win epic loot with the Replicator-Slot-Machine!
• Sell your loot for Crystals to buy even more epic equipment in the shop
• Over 50 Missions to explore!
• Optional Online-Leaderboards show you how much your friends have recharged and how you compare to other players around the world
• Use your Power Glove and Element Attacks tactically to execute massive combos
• Drain your enemies of their power
• Recharge the world with the energy you reclaim
• Make a name for yourself in the Resistance, and reap the rewards
• Play as the band-members of Linkin Park

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  • You can level up by doing missions
  • Rare Replicators will give you rare weapons , equip and upgrades
  • Try to get more STARS every Mission to get bonus points and rewards
  • You can upgrade your character by collecting rare items
  • There are 3 Elemental Attacks Fire, Water, Air and Earth . They have different usage and characteristics
  • You can find slave humans in some mission, FREE them to get more points


  • Your basic weapon is the Crystal Shots , this can be hit rapidly by tapping
  • You hold down the cursor to RUN and tap to Move
  • Swiping the floor with make your character DASH / THRUST
  • You have to DRAIN the energy capsules to gain points
  • Don't let your SHIELD destroyed to keep survival
  • You can DRAIN your enemy after their SHIELD destroyed
  • Keep your COMBO  active to get more damage and extra drain power


  • Fire Element - has additional damage
  • Water Element - can drawn/freeze a single enemy for a secs
  • Earth Element - has an area effect, it can multiple enemies. It can also do a mini-stun
  • Air Element - can launch a tornado to lift the enemy and deal damage
  • Air Throw - you can use tornado to carry object and throw it to your enemy 

  • Once your Elemental depleted or gone to ZERO , your basic Crystal Shot will switch on
  • You can use your elemental in combo and can stacks the effect

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