Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mortal Kombat X - Cheats and Tricks


These are the cheat and tricks so far in the game due to game glitches. If these not occurs in your current game then probably they had fixed it


Bonus Mission are available only per day but there's a trick to get it any time you want it, with this
you can have unlimited Souls to harvest. With Souls, you can get some rare Gold Characters that you can buy from the store.

  1. Make sure you are sign-in with your WB play account before starting the game.
  2. After completing one Bonus Mission, terminate the Mortal Kombat application. If you're using KitKat Android you can just use your terminate applicatoin from the sub-menu in your Android application.
  3. Restart the game and let it load your WB play. In the Home screen go to Profile menu where you can login your WB Play
  4. Re-Login your WB Play account and let it load your last saved game
  5. Once it started or confirmed you have associate your game to your account , Go to HOME SCREEN 
  6. From the Home Screen you will see the Daily TEST YOUR LUCK where you can get bonus Souls
  7. Check the Bonus Mission you will have NEW missions to complete to get more Soul


This will instantly refresh your rejuvenate in full-health all your characters in just one go
Make sure you are login with your WB Play account 
  1. Once you need to get your character in full energy you can easily trigger the trick by shutting down your Android phone or rebooting/restarting it. 
  2. Make sure you are in the Home Screen, sometime it doesn't work when you are in the middle of a game
  3. After booting your Android, start the game again and there your go. All your characters are in full health


You can still get some ally points even in Off line if you're intended to save more Data usage Bandwidth with your phone or you don't have the Internet

  1. Make sure you are ONLINE and you are login with your WB Play before doing this trick. 
  2. Play the Battle Story and go to where you are in the Ally Kombat selection
  3. While in the Ally Kombat selection, reboot your game buy terminating it and restart 
  4. Turn off your Internet and start the game


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