Monday, April 9, 2012

Ice Age Village

Description :

Battle other players in a trading card game for the ages.

With over 1 million players in Japan, Rage of Bahamut comes to Android for the first time!


★ Hundreds of stunning cards to collect, with more constantly being added
★ Fast & easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters
★ Daily updates to continue to expand your deck
★ Live single and multiplayer action from a seemingly endless database of battle hungry foes!
★ Quests to claim your place in Rage of Bahamut history

Dark is the day, gone is the wonder…
Find your path, conquer the world...
Alone or allied, make the world bow down…
Smell the victory, taste the triumph…

Be Human – Be Godly – Be Evil
Choose an allegiance to strive for control of your world!

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Rage of Bahamut is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks :

Basic Tips

  1. Buy and breed Animals to generate Golds
  2. Every kind of Animals has different duration to generate Golds
  3. Complete every Animal Family will improves the Experience and Golds
  4. The higher the duration time the higher Experience and Gold you will get
  5. Fun Stuff gives you more extra Golds
  6. You need to complete a task to unlock new Animals and Fun Stuff

Animals Dictionary

  1. Red Slot = 10mins
  2. Piranha = 3mins
  3. Green Bird = 30mins
  4. Brown Mammoth = 12hrs
  5. Weasel = 10mins
  6. Dry Beetle = 12hrs
  7. Vulture = 15mins
  8. Dodo Bird = 15mins
  9. Sharky = 2days

 - coming soon -

Walkthrough :

- coming soon -

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