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Samurai vs Zombies Defense



Play as the heroic Samurai and defend your village against hordes of attacking zombies! Recruit allies and build defenses to stop them!

STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: set up your defenses against hordes of zombies!
WORK WITH ALLIES: get some help in the store with farmers, warriors, archers and much more!
WIN BIG IN MINI GAMES: play Pachinko to earn rare items!
UPGRADE YOUR SAMURAI: Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses and magical abilities!


Tips And Tricks : 

Fighting Tips

  1. You can block an attack by going slightly back
  2. Move slight away from your enemy to use your bow
  3. Put a little distance against the zombies to get advantage
  4. Let you minions  be your tanker and attack the archers first
  5. Don't attack while picking up the loots
  6. Use your spells at all times, katana slash and lightning is your basic spell at early level
  7. Get Bowmen Guard and Warding Bell to help you kill the upcoming zombies
  8. Level up your Gate for better survival
  9. Use Sword Warrior if you have melee zombies and bowman if you have flying attacker
  10. Don't use your gems to revive or any other purchases

How To Get More Gems

  1. You can get them from the loot and after finishing every wave
  2. You can get Gems from playing Pachinko or Pinball
  3. You can get Free Gems by going to affiliates program and following their requirements
  4. You get bonus Gmes in your daily rewards 
  5. Buy them at cost of your Real Money from 1.99USD to 99.99USD

How to get more Coins
  1. After finishing every wave, all the coins you have acquired will be added but if you're not successful you can get the portion of the coins
  2. You can get Coin from playingthe  Pachinko or Pinball 
  3. You get bonus coins in your daily rewards
  4. Buy them at cost of your Real Money from 1.99USD to 99.99USD 

The Villager MinionsSamurai vs Zombies Defense

2. Sword Warrior - good at wave1 to wave5 after that its completely useless

3. Spear Warrior - to expensive and not worth to waste your points

4. Bowman - very helpful at early level to help you with flying attackers

5. Panzer Samurai - the best helper you can get and you better use all your coins to level this up. This is required from wave10 throughout the game

6. Priest - great to use if you have a big budget to get it

7. Nobunaga  - best melee attacker that will help you speed up the killing of walking zombies. Achievable from hidden Gifts.

8. Frostie Bowman - it work best with the Panzer Samurai just don't let him get close to zombies

9. Spear Horseman - same with Spearman, completely useless and too expensive

10 .Takeda Shingen - too expensive and not worth to get it. Achievable from hidden Gifts.

11. Swordsmith - necessity if you have a lot of swordman to boost them up. Achievable from hidden Gifts.

12. GunSmith - helpful if you have a lot of bowman to help you with range. Achievable from hidden Gifts.

Buildings, Spells and Weapons

1. Sword - you're only weapon against melee attacker, level it up as soon as you can

2. Bow - you're only range weapon and the only thing that can take down flying creatures

4. Warding Bell - not so helpful but get it anyway 

5. Village Bowmen - get one and level it up, it will help you to give additional offense

6. Katana Slash - your basic spell, good at low level waves but useless in later higher waves

7. Summon Lightning - good for massive attack, pretty much helpful while you haven't have the Summon Tornado

8. Summon Tornado - better spell after Lightning, can damage all zombies and flying creatures except the demon wheels

10. Lethargy - great Spell to slowdown your enemy, one of the best spell in the late game

11. Diviner Intervention - sometimes useful and sometimes useless, try your luck to call higher minions

12. Troop Trample - the last and the best Spell of all but pretty much mediocre in late waves. Get this with Lethargy then you can finish all the waves so easily

How to Defeat Zombies

  1. Samurai Zombie - this is the easiest zombie, any of your minion will take this down
  2. Bowman Zombie - just kill this bastard first or else he'll attack you for spree. Get close to them and use your sword, their weak as long as there's spell caster around
  3. Wheels - a Panzer  or Nobunaga   is the best match up for this. If you want to face this, just attack him once then move distance wait for it to attack then attack again. Bowman will slow this down.
  4. Flying Squirel - use your archers and your bow to get rid this animal
  5. Spearman Zombie - attack it as much as you can then move back 2 step when its about to attack
  6. Horseman Zombie - Attack it then move 2 step so you won't  get reach with its spear
  7. Running Lamp - just go back to your Tower because that's what's this monster aiming for. From there, attack it with no sweat
  8. Spider (Orochimaru) - use your bowman and Panzer to slow this down. When it transformed into mini-spiders run back to your Tower and eliminate them
  9. Onoki Mellee - this is literary slow beast. Just  like how you defeat the Wheels, attack as much as you can then move this when its about to attack


 To start a game, you will start wave-1 which no need to explain what to to. Just press your phone left and right and it automatically attack and you'll finish it at no time. If you die, don't ever use your Gems to revive yourself, unless you're too desperate to finish it. You can still get a portion of your coins and pretty much fine to add it to your pocket.

Wave1 to Wave10

  -  its basic, just get your basic spells like Katana  Slash   and Lightning to help you. Upgrade your sword and bow to increase chance of winning. Hire a sword warrior and a bowman to help you to finish every wave. Don't forget to play the Pachinko to get more coins

Wave10 to Wave20

  - its time to level up your lightning spells and replace your Katana Slash with Divine Intervention.
Upgrade your Swords ,Bow and your Life. You'll be needing to get a help from your Guard Village Bowmen.

Wave20 to Wave30

  - Get Panzer Samurai, Frosite Bowman at Nobunga to help you every Wave. Get the warding Bell to help you a little with your defense. Max out your Panzer Samurai to block some strong melee. In some Waves, kill first those nasty archers and spell casters before attacking the melee zombies. Keep on playing Pachinko to get more coins.

Wave30 to Wave 40

  - this is frustrating level of waves and you'll be tempted to use your Gems. Use it if you must but be wise, you'll be needing a lot of patience and money for leveling up all your gears. Max out Frostie Bowman , Summons Tornado and Lethargy to help you more in fighting

Wave40 to Wave 49

  - the best combo to complete this Wave is to use Lethargy and Troop Trample in a right timing. Lethargy will slowdown your Zombies and that's will buy you some times to kill some archers and casters then Trample for the finish. The best Minion you can use here is BowMan because its cheapest than Frostie and then combine it with GunSmith that will boost their attack. BowMan gaves mini-stun so that's enough slowdown your zombies. Panzier is still the best Melee tanker and attacker to face some big guys while your ranger attacker it on back up. Keep on trying finishing every wave and don't lost hope as you gain some golds, buy it to level up all your skills and equipment.

Wave 50

  This is the last chapter, the Final Boss is really insane difficult that will temp you to buy Gems just finish it. Since this is the last Wave, use all your items if your desperate to finish it. Use all your Charms to boost your Attack and Defense, use your sushi to heal and use your Revive  just to finish it. Once you finish you can now play all the levels.

 To Defeat the Final Boost, you will need all the patience you can give. Use all your resources just to defeat this mad giant. Avoiding the Final Boss attack is easy but the upcoming Zombies minions are really pain in the ass. Finish first all his minions while slowing him down.

The TRICK to face this Giant is to get on front of him once he's about to attack then move forward a little at his middle then attack. After he blew his attack get on front of him again and do the same thing again. Get more archers to slow him down and get your GunSmith to give mini-stun effect, this way it will buy you time to finish him while you're also busy with eliminating his minions. Don't let him get near your tower as much as possible. 

For better chances, you can only finish this game once you only have max-out all the level upgrades of your skills, equipment and Minions unless you're really good and lucky that doesn't need those upgrades. 

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