Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monster Shooter

Description :

Hand-drawn 2D ultra violence has never looked this cute!
"Call it an unfair bias, but I wasn’t expecting a free-to-play game to look this good." - 148Apps review
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... it did! We took the dual-stick shooter formula and optimized it to deliver the best game we could: Monster Shooter, the new dual-stick mayhem sensation!
Download the game free of charge and prove that you can handle the best mission and progress system. Visit numerous levels across three different planets and enjoy hours of free gameplay!
Hand-drawn 2D ultra violence has never looked this cute. With a vast array of enemies, guns and effects, Monster Shooter is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices.
Never underestimate a guy whose cat has been stolen by aliens. As DumDum, you can blast your enemies with shotguns, plasma rifles and rocket launchers and spice things up with a handful of grenades... If they're still moving after that lot, use the nuke! The blood looks and sounds disturbingly fun!
The more awesome Monster Shooter gets. Complete multiple missions and improve your rankings. Buy new stuff and show your skills off to other players using the OpenFeint.
Monster Shooter is here to stay. Download the game, follow DumDum in his quest to save the kitten, shoot your way through foreign planets and have as much fun as possible! Leave the new updates, new levels and new monsters to us; just keep playing.
Try your skill and luck in Survival mode and see if you've got what it takes to rise right up there with the leaderboard masters. See you at the top!

Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You can reload your ammo manually otherwise it will reload autmotically
  2. Get more cash as much as you can
  3. Buy more advance gun weapons in the shop
  4. Buy usable items in the shop like grenade, health potion and stim pack
  5. You can upgrade your Health and Attack Damage permanently in the shop
  6. Some Gun needs ammo to be usable
  7. Everytime you gain XP Bonus, get any of the item perks
  8. Vengeance  will give you unlimited Ammo will enhance your weapon
  9. You can still use your weapon without ammo in Vengeance mode
  10. Shocker is the perfect medium weapon so far but you have to buy an ammo for it
  11. ChainGun is the must-have Gun in the late level

XP Bonus Perks

  • First Aid Course -   More efficient Healing, this will give you more healing points in every medic box you'll get
  • Regeneration -  Healthy DNA Mutation, this heal you in overtime
  • Runner -   Speed +10%, will make you faster a bit
  • Slaughter -   More Blood More Fun, will give blood effects in every monsters you kill
  • Cold Vengeance - Vengeance Duration increased, this will prolong your Vengeance 
  • Come Get Some - Fire Rate +15%, will make your firing attack more quicker
  • Monster Vision - Monsters Health Revealed, you will see the enemies life bar
  • Greed - Cash Drops stay Longer, 
  • Orb Expert -  Easy Orb Collecting, orb will automatically come to you
  • Ammo Maniac - Ammo +20%, add more Ammo in your weapon
  • Tough Skin - Self-inflected damage reduced, will give you more armor defense
  • Unstoppable - Monster's cant slow you down, will make you invulnerable with knock out
  • Sniper - Laser sight, shot recoil-30%, will give you a guiding sight to kill monster precisely

Battle Tips

  1. At first start, Play the mission champaign to gain more cash for buying good weapons
  2. Buy more descent weapons like Shock Guns or higher level guns
  3. Always get the Vengeance for unlimited Ammo, you can use your Special Gun without ammo if you have the Vengeance
  4. Red Octopus are slow but hard to kill, you need to keep distance while attacking them
  5. Get the XP Bonus Perks as soon as you get them
  6. Get Bonus Perks like Unlimited Ammo, Regeneration and Thick Skin for better playing
  7. Don't go an area that you will be trapped, keep on a open spacing where you can run freely

Battle Tips

  • Shot Gun - good medium damage and as for startup  weapon but limited ammo (2clips)
  • Ripper - high Damage but limited ammo (10Clips)
  • Rocket Launcher - good damage but limited ammo (6clips)
  • Shocker - good damage and , attack rate and great ammo(100clips)
  • RailGun - insane damage  but poor attack rate and limited ammo(5clips)
  • Plasma - good damage and good attack rate with descent ammo(25clips)
  • Combat Shotgun - insane damage and fire rate but limited ammo(10clips)
  • ChainGun - The best Gun of all , insane damage, attack rate and ammo(300clips)

How to get More  FREE Cash

  1. Get Free Cash every day
  2. Get Free Ash going to Free Section and get the special offers
  3. Get Free 150 Cash by Rating the game in Itunes
  4. Get Free 100  Cash by Liking then in Facebook
  5. Get Free 100 by following the in Twitter
  6. Play the Survival game and play as much as you can to get more Cash
  7. Complete every Achievements  and get more cash


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