Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rage of Bahamut - Keepers of the Easter Egg Event



Its a limited-time quest, you will Rare Cards by completing Treasure Series but no worries, the Easter Bunnies will guide you in your quest. The Highest and dedicated user will get an SS Rare Card as reward. So start playing do the quest and hunt for the treasure.

How to Get the Reward Cards

  1. Get into the ranking from #201-#499 to get the limited-edition rare card
  2. Complete Area 100 and all event Treasure series and not only will you stop  the Easter Egg rom hatching.. saving Easter isles -- but you will get the special rare cards such as Lilith , Cerebrus and many more....

Demons Cererbus (SS Rare)

How to Complete the Treasure

  1. Do the quest in the Treasure isle from quest 1 all the way to 100 quest, occasionally a hidden treasure will get unleashed
  2. Hunt the treasure from other players and Battle with them to regain their Treasure


If you can't beat anyone with your Trump Cards in your Level gap then its time to the do a little cheating... 
It's time to a create a DUMMY account and take advantage with the low level players.

Super New Account

  1. Create a new Account and do the regular quest to gain more Attributes
  2. Add more fellows to gain more bonus
  3. Level till your reach level 15 because going on more level will be a bit risky to face stronger opponent
  4. Equip your account with your Trump Cards from your old account
  5. Take advantage with the weak players and rob their treasures to complete the quest events

Treasures to Collect

Red Easter Lily Pendant

Complete this to get Easter Bunnies

How To Beat The Boss

 To beat the Boss, you need your Fellow to help you to make it faster otherwise you'll be using all your Attack to finish him off. Set the strongest Card as your  Leader to make it easier, high ATK card is the best way to defeat this Boss.

Do the Quest and get some Rare Cards during the quest such ash:

(Gods) Pegasus

(Gods) Thunder Elemental

(Man) Kunoichi

(Man) Lady Gunner

(Gods) Water Elemental 

(Demons) Clay Golemn

(Demons) Gold Dragon

(Demons) Devil Queen

(Demons) Harpy

(Demons) Phantom


  1. I am thru level 105 of this quest, and so far only the red and blue treasures from each treasure series have dropped for me. Is this a bug, or do I need to do something differently to get the others to drop?

  2. no, you can only get 2 kind of treasures for every set thru QUEST... the rest you to hunt it thru Battle.

  3. Its a pain in the ass

  4. past level 101 do u stop getting cards from event quests?

  5. I guess they only give till quest100... so you have to get back to the regular quest

  6. I can't seem to fight anyone with any of the treasures, I have green and purple about 27 of each kind of egg and pendent, but there is no way to fight someone for the treasure. It keeps giving me a red error saying something like the opponents set is complete...

  7. that's a pain for all the players.. because there's a lot of high level players that can easily taken the treasure and there's no more loot left for the mediocre. It's really an imbalance that I think they have miscalculated. Just keep on hunting, mostly the higher level will have the treasures but if you can beat them

  8. Iv just given up on getting the + treasure completed its basically impossible for players that aren't like level 60+

  9. Iv just given up on getting the + treasure completed its basically impossible for players that aren't like level 60+

  10. Man... I didn't have enough time to reach area 50.. Only area 31 so far... Only just found out about this game and started giving a shit... was having issues getting the items sucks...

  11. its OK, try to boost your ATTACK from now on... because the new event will be more on BATTLE... but you need to have an ORDER to get on the EVENT.

  12. I don't understand I'm number 435,but yet I was awarded 2000 rank and the award for that is straight bs why?


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