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Castle Master 3D

Description :

- 300 vs 300 Castle Siege
● #1 App downloaded in Korean T Store
● #1 App downloaded in Thailand App Store
#1 in RPG & Strategy game in Canada, Korea, Indonesia and other 13 countries.
● Introduced as a most favorable game in App Judgement, show owned by Revision 3, one of the biggest internet TV shows in USA.
● Introduced in Pocket Gamer, a major England’s mobile game site!- Strategy-RPG Castle Master 3D fights its way onto iPHone and iPad
♥Romance of the three kingdoms’ Strategy + Diablo’s Action! ♥
Full 3D Action Strategy Siege Game, Castle Master!
Massive Battle of 600 will thrill you! First 300 vs. 300 siege battle on mobile!
With 300 followers, go destroy the gate of the enemy castle!
Humans, abandoned by God for their arrogance and greed, were deprived of all their 45 castles by the evil hordes from Hades.
And the last knightage gathered together for the barely survived young prince.
Starting from an action to take back the castle ‘Gaia’, humans’ counterattack begins now!
Lose yourself in the world of a classic RPG!
Customize your character’s stat points as you wish!
You can develop your character to be Paladin-style knight with one-hand sword, speedy knight with two swords, fearsome knight carrying giant blade with great damage. Customize your character with 27 weapons and 9 sets of armors, enjoying the thrill of level-up!
Build facilities to upgrade your castle and recruit soldiers!
Defeat the castles of evil hordes and appoint castle lords!
Turn the tide of the war by spying and redeploying!
Win the love of Zeus’s Daughter to achieve the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade!
You can find merchants of weapons, armors, rings and potions and servants who will help you raise the loyalty of citizens and lords in town.
Don’t forget to find Zeus’s daughter, who is willing to give you the ultimate weapon, Zeus Blade. Though, only the chosen one can get her love.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You can upgrade your Castle to get more citizen and army
  2. Train your Army to increase their stats
  3. You'll get Exp, Gems and Golds from attacking and defending your Castle
  4. You're object on defending the Castle is to survive in 3mins and not to Kill All your invaders
  5. You can do  quest from the knight in your castle, accomplishing it will give you Exp , Gold and sometimes Gems
  6. Gems are used to buy High Level weapons, armor and rings
  7. Weapons have 3 types, Dagger, 2 Blades and Big Sword
  8. Dagger has high defense, 2 Blades have high attack, and Big Sword have splash attack
  9. Lords are high level guards that lead your Army
  10. Having high loyalty on you citizen will give you more Golds, fame and occasionally will give you some gems
  11. Commands are used to do more actions, when you run out of Commands try to recharge from Free-Charge section that requires internet connections

Combat Tips

get the skills in the battle field to get more advantage

Hire a Lord and high level army to help you to defend you Castle

Use your Healing skills to replenish your Army

When your run out of of Command Points, use the Free Charge to recharge

Dispatch a Spy before attacking a Castle

You will get starts defends the numbers of Monsters attacked you

Give REWARDS to your Lords so they won't run away

Recurring Quest

   you can do the this recurring quest as many as you want simply don't appoint a Lord to your castle to activate the quest. 
  1.  Appoint a Lord of  Castle Gaia
  2.  Appoint a Lord of  Castle Hermes
  3.  Appoint a Lord of  Castle Ariel
  4.  Appoint a Lord of  Castle Rhea
  5.  Appoint a Lord of  Castle Baschus

How To Earn more Gems

  1. By winning a battle from defending or attacking a Castle
  2. Occasionally your citizen can find a gem if you have high Loyalty, Fame and Lucks
  3. Buy it from Shop for real money
  4. Get it for Free for writing a review and rating it
  5. Get it for Free for Liking it in Facebook or following on Tweeter
  6. By Completing some quests from the Knight

Easy Gem, Exp and Golds from Defending a Castle 

This trick is to get more Gems, Exp and Golds from just defending your castle. Find the Step By Step to accomplish this :

  1. Find a Castle to attack, make sure it has small army and its in low level so you can easily penetrate. The castle should also be near with Enemies Castle.
  2. Prepare your Army to Battle, make sure you have maximum of 30-knights in Max Level will be great with a Lord to fight to lead your army.
  3. Attack the Castle and invade it. Quickly assign a Lord to your castle and upgrade the buildings. Don't hire any Army and let your Knights and Lord guard the Castle
  4. Because you have small Army your Enemy will be attracted to attack you. With your small army they'll underestimate you and will attack you with weak and small Army
  5. They'll keep on attacking you and you will get a Gem for a every win. If your Knight not enough to defend, gradually redeploy a Knights to it to add more Army but not too much

How to win the Princess?

If you're not doing anything you can go to the middle inside the Castle and try to talk to with her. She'll ask random question and if you're a guy you should be probably know the answer but don't underestimate the mind of a girl. You may got mistake to predict what she's thinking and asking, every correct answer you will get a points and every a heart in the meter will earn you some golds. In the end you will a Big Sword which pretty strong. Here are tips to win her: 

  1. The idea here is to win her heart, at first you should select some negatives answer because you don't want to be predictable and she won't believe in you. 
  2. Once you got 3-5 hearts, try to answer positive because she starting to like you
  3. Sometimes she don't like positive answer but she starting to take negative, try to answer all negatives
  4. Once you're in the last, you will need gems to give it to her, -5 gems for every gift.

Predict what's the princess is thinking to win her sword.... and also her heart

Castle Shops

Princess - located at the middle part of the Castle,
take her task to win some golds and get the final reward, the sword

Potion/Magic Rings Shop - located in the western part,
get the high points potions to get more effective result. You can also
buy some strong rings, the best ring you can buy is the Oberidon Ring cost at 40gems

Helmet/Armor/Boots Shop - located in the western-southern part,
enhance your health, defense and mana by buying armors. This is available per
level and the strongest armor is the Zeus

Special Skills Shop 
- located in the eastern part,
get some special skills and level them up, skills are usefull in battle fields
and this can be equip based by your weapons

Dagger/Sword/Blade Shop - located in the eastern-southern part,
enhance your attack and mana by equipping high grades weapons. 
Dagger are for speed and high attack , Swords are for high-defense and good mana,
Blade is the strongest weapon but too slow

if you don't want to give reliefs, you can simply raise it with a gem

you exit from the guard or simply click the exit-icon at top menu


 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


  1. How to defeat the thin red cretures.. they are very strong and have high defense

  2. Upgrade your weapon and skills,usually the dagger is them best for killing escaping. Try to learn how to switch weapon in Different situations. Swords can support and heal, dagger for attack and escape and big sword for group attack. get more strong Knights and upgrade them they help you a lot

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