Monday, June 18, 2012

Cat War

Description :

The second war game series of WESTRIVER.
Hello, there!
I'm a god of heaven called 'Catphinx', and sending you a letter for asking.
These days, the kingdom of cats is suffering from their mortal enemy, the republic of dogs. 
Even the soul of dead cat couldn't show up in heaven. They are hunted for forced labor, and their kittens are offering as a sacrifice to their god. 
The kingdom of cats isn't able to resist with enemy caused they lost kittens also had reached the limit. Sorry for their miserable condition which lost kitten. 
Who else knows the winner from cats and dogs?
Before I become a god, I was a cat, but now as a deity, I can't help them.
Can you help them for me?
Please. I'll watch your back.
Comic war between cute cat and wicked dog. (The second war game series of WESTRIVER)
The most common pets, cats and dogs... Before the civilization of human the two of kingdom already established their own prior world. However, the more powerful Dogs world assaulted Cats world, finally had suffered the indignity situation that deprived of kittens.
"Please save our kittens!!"
The cat kingdom gathered soldiers to against dog kingdom.
Help with them and save their kittens from wicked dogs.
[How to play]
-Train fishercats to gather fishpoint which is their resource.
-Build barracks, workshop, and others to train combat units.
-Upgrading building will increase their unit power.
-Buy heroes and join them in battles
-God spell will be unlocked depends on the game progress. 
TIP. Cat War is a strategic combat game. Unit combinations, hero skills timming, use of god spell may change the game result.
-Very Easy(Tutorial & Training), Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell 5 difficulty 100 stages
-Simple and easy control by clicking and dragging
-Various unit combinations, hero skills, spell of god

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

Fisherman are used to get more fish to buy more Army and build buildings, increasing them will give you more Fish
You need Fish to cast a Spell, buy a Hero and Army and build buildings
Upgrading your main Building will increase the Fisherman population and will increase your Castles's  Health
Upgrading your Weaponry Castle will increase the level of your Army and the health of the building
Spells can be bought by Gems and have limited number of uses, use it wisely
Your Hero and Army  can be upgraded in the Shop, upgrade as soon as possible
You can use your gem to quickly build your Buildings and upgrade them

Combat Tips

  1. Increase first your Cats that will gather your fish
  2. Get your Hero as soon as possible to have an advantage
  3. Start upgrading your Main Castle to get more Fisherman, hire the maximum number of fishermen
  4. You can use your Hero special skills to have overhead with enemies
  5. Start building some weaponry as you have great number of Fish
  6. You can use your Building to block or to defend enemies approaching, this way you will have a good tanker and your rebuild
  7. Always hire a Hero to help your army, use their special skill at any time
  8. You can use your Skills at the cost of your fish, Healing is a great skill to keep your army build up

How to get more Fish

  1. At early start hire 4 fishermen
  2. Upgrade your Castle once you have 4 fishermen
  3. Let your Hero start the fight to take advantage with the approaching enemies
  4. Once you have upgraded the Castle on Level2, keep on hiring more Fishermen and start building the other Towers
  5. Keep on hiring more fishermen and get the maximum number

How to get more Gems

  1. Buy the Gems to the Shop for real Money
  2. Complete every stage level and get some Gems
  3. Get the Daily Free Gems worth 100
  4. Download the affiliated App for Free Gems
  5. Play the level-1 the easiest level repeatedly using just a Hero
  6. You can still get some Gems even you got defeated, start a game and don't do anything and you will get a Free Gem

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