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Legend of Master 3

Description :

Legend of Master 3
Ultimate Mystery RPG
Long ago, an evil sorceress named B'Kar petrified Cain's family. Determined to one-day defeat B'Kar, Cain's spirit was split into 7 pieces and sent across the world as he fell into a deep slumber. 400 years later, Cain's spirit is awoken in the body of William, a wanted prince in his kingdom. Struggling to adapt to the futuristic world while retrieving his lost spirits, Cain must overcome difficulties and train hard to avenge his family…
Join the ultimate RPG experience as you help Cain find his spirits and kill B'Kar!
Play as you've never played before in bright graphics and tactile attack systems
Choose from up to 6 different classes, each with their own special skills
Step out of child's play RPGs, and delve into life-like RPG design
Level up and explore new skills and pick up new armor and weapons
Special treasures and legendary items can be found in Dungeon mode
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Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Check your Inventory for loots and items you have acquired thru battle
  2. You have to equip and put to your Quick Slot to make your item active
  3. You can only equip an item if you have the required Stats specially the VIT
  4. Some equipment are for specific Class, youc an put it in your Storage Stash to make it available for your other Class Player
  5. There 3 status points rewarded every time you Level Up. Use it accordingly to upgrade your Class
  6. IT's better to focus on a certain Stats per Class type. Like in Lancer its better to focus on STR because it will contribute him'
  7. VIT are required for Equipment and will make your Class have more HP
  8. Every Class has different effect per Build. Like STR for Lancer is different for Rogue
  9. Make use of the Shared Storage to make your gaming with other Class much better


  1. Use your Skills points accordingly. Focus on the Skill you want to master
  2. In Advance Class your can have a  3 Hybrid Skills
  3. You can MIX your own skill in the Compound Skill
  4. Passive skills doesn't require SP while Active will consume your SP.
  5. One (1) skill point is rewarded each time you level increase
  6. You only 4 basic active skills, 2 basic passive skills, 2 advance active skills, 2 advance passive skills, 1 active skill infor awakening event and 3 active skills for Hyrbid


  1. You can check your Quest Status in the Quest Tab
  2. There are two kind of Quest, Main Quest and Sub Quest. Main quest is required to move to another level. while sub quest is optional and can be skipped
  3. There are quest that will give you great items

How To Play in Legend Dungeon

  1. You can enter for FREE every night between 8:00PM to 9:00Pm
  2. You can receive Cash Item, Powerfull Legend Item and very Rare Special Item
  3. Eventually you can only play 1hour but you can extend for longer playing if you are a Premium Player

How to Play Class Hero

  1. Every Class has their own unique ability and build
  2. Take advantage of every Class Build Stats effect. Like in Lance the STR restores its Health per point.
  3. You can play 3 Kinds of Hero in your Games Slot
  4. Always check your Equipment and compare it with your current equip

Class Hero Tips


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Videos GamePlay

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