Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magic Defender

Description :

Defend your homeland, protect the well of life, expel the orcs and be the Hero!
Long times ago, in the deep desert Mohell, there is a mistary oasis which is called TaKala, in the central
area of this land, lies the secret of this oasis, the well of life. War happens every year, for the orcs and
monsters never forget to grab this treasure. To protect the well, humanity have build an impregnable castle
with a giant magic bow on it. But the orcs and monsters will never lose their greedy heart, a protracted
defense war for you have began...
* Touch screen to shoot arrows.
* Drag and drop spell icon to release a magic.
* City Wall: Upgrade city wall to increase HP.
* MP: MP is required to release magic.
* Guard Tower: Upgrade guard tower to help you defend the enemies.
* 3 Special designed Boss.
* 9 different bows with 3 upgrade chances.
* A wealth of powerful magic.
* More and more stronger enemies.
Defend your homeland, protect the well of life, expel the orcs and be the Hero!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Tap Hold your finger to rapidly shot arrows
  2. Use your pointing finger to quickly move the Archer
  3. Your mana is limited so cast your magic wisely
  4. Upgrade your Arrow with golds to make it more stronger
  5. You can't go back to completed level
  6. Every level is getting more diffucult so you need to upgrade your weaponse

How to Defeat the Boss

    Mini boss are hard to kill, you need to powerful arrows and huge Castle Health to beat it.
You need to save a lot of Golds for Upgrades. They main idea is to keep your Health at max while the Boss is not coming so its better to use out all your Mana to kill the minions first and kill the Boss with your Arrows.

How to get more Golds

  1. Complete every Level
  2. Kill more enemies
  3. Buy it in the Shop with Real Money
  4. Install the Affiliates Apps for Free Golds

Upgradables by Order of Purchase

With limited Golds you need to use it accordingly so you can play more effectively

  1. Guardian Bow  - increase your tower defense
  2. City Wall - increase your Tower Health
  3. Split Shot - increase your Archer speed and number of arrows
  4. Magic Wall - increase your max MP
  5. Strike - Increase the impact strength 
  6. Crit - Increase Critical strike damage
  7. Crid Odds - Increase Critical Strike Possibility 

 - coming soon -


  1. Install all the FREE Apps in the shop, install as much as you can to get the more Golds
  2. With all the Golds follow the Order of Upgrades to get more effective result
  3. Attack what comes first and use your Spell Magic with group of monsters

 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay

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