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Rites of Delta

Description :

Battle with millions of REAL PLAYERS around the world in an original
and addictive, fun FREE TRADING CARD game!
★ Collect hundreds of exquisitely designed cards by over 50 illustrators
★ Obtain premium cards through quests, battles and reserves to make
your decks invincible
★ Power up by enhancing or evolving your cards
★ Battle on the go with various killer skills by fascinating characters
★ Chat and plan with your fellows online and expand your allies network
Join one of the three nations of Orrah, and vie against rival empires
for control new lands. Build your own guild of troops and join forces
with other warriors to conquer the land of dreams. The actions you
take in battle will directly impact how the story of Rites of Delta
plays out. The mystery of Orrah will be revealed only once you choose
your path.
Will you become the ultimate Hero of Orrah? The fate of Delta is in your hand!

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. Get your Daily Login Bonus 
  2. You can FREE Bronze Reserver per day check it at your HOME
  3. You can ENHANCE your Card by Mixing other Cards
  4. You can join or create guild to help you in Battle
  5. You can EDIT your DECK to set for your Battle
  6. Always put a STRONG Card to get a easier win
  7. You can Level Up your Card by doing a Quest
  8. You can Explore and check your Cards in the Card List
  9. You can Sell you cards for Gila (Golds)
  10. You can get New Cards thru battle

How to Earn More Cards

  1. Do and complete the Quest
  2. Get your Daily Login Bonus
  3. Get it from your daily FREE Bronze 
  4. Use your Friends Points for Free Bronze
  5. Buy it from the Shops
  6. Invite more Friends and use your Referral Code

How to Level Up

  1. Do and complete every stage in the Quest
  2. Fight the Boss in every Scenario
  3. Join the Events Quest and complete the quest

How to get Gold Reserved Tickets

  1. Gold Reserve Ticket will gives a chance to get a High-Rare Card, collect them as soon as you can.
  2. Reach a certain level (10-15-20...) to receive a Gold Reserved Ticket
  3. In some special Event if you made of to the Higher Rank you will get a Ticket
  4. If someone use your Referral Code, you will be rewarded with a Ticket

Using Cards

  1. Cards are classifieds with their rarity as Normal(N) , High-Normal (HN), Rare (R) ,High-Rare(HR) , Super-Rare (SR)
  2. There are three category of Cards Human, Demon, and Divine 
  3. Cards has max limit per level, when your max it out you can no longer receive Troops bonus
  4. You can Sell or use of Enhancement a card that's you want to garbage
  5. You can Edit your Deck to organize your Card for Battle
  6. You can find your Total-Attack and Defense of your Deck in the Edit your Deck section

Enhancing Cards

  1. You need Golds to Enhance a card, the amount of golds is depend of how much of Cards you have used
  2. To start with Enhancing you have to find a card to enhance, usually pick a High-Rare and has Magic Attributes cards to enhance
  3. Sort your Deck of Cards according to All-Lowest to find the cards you want to mix with enhancement
  4. Onec your card enhanced it will increase its stats including its level.
  5. Once your Card max out its level you can no longer enhanced it other wise use a limit-breaker

Get more referral and earn this (SR) Hidden Crystal Lulu

How to Earn the Referral Rewards

  1. Once your're done with the Tutorial you will be able to input your Friends Referral Code
  2. If you don't have a Referral Code you can use V32WB3  to get the Reward Bonus
  3. Now its your turn to send over your Referral Code
  4. In the Referral Section, note and copy your own Referral Code
  5. Post it in your Facebook , send it to your friends mail or Post it in your Twitter
  6. You can also post it in some other website like here
  7. In the Comment section of this Site Post your Referral Code below and recommend this Blog Site to your friends so they can find your Code

Use  V32WB3  in your Referral Box to get the Referral Rewards

How to Get more Friendship Points

  1. Send a Comments or Cheers to other Players
  2. Finish every Scenario or defeat the Scenario's Boss
  3. Get it from Special Events
  4. You can win in a National Wars

Dirty Trick on Referral Code

You can easily complete the Referral Code and get the Super-Rare Hidden Crystal Lulu at no time.
If you're lazy and impatience of waiting to get more than 30 Referral Systems you can easily trick it and with a little cheats. By this you can the ultimate reward and also the the Battle Potion with Gold Reserve. Here's how to do this cheat:

  1. Create your primary Account or your Main Account
  2. Get your Referral Code in the Referral Section
  3. Once you have noted your Referral Code for example V32WB3  
  4. Now Exit to the Game and go to the Android Settings Manager or Settings
  5. Go to the "Apps" and find the 'Rites of Delta' 
  6. Select the Game and select the "Clear Data", this will logout your account
  7. Now open the Game again and Sign Up with new Account
  8. You can use any dummy mail because there's no confirmation required
  9. Once you have succesfuly created an Account you can start to play the game
  10. Play the Game until to the Referral Registration
  11. With your Referral Code from your main Account, register it and it will give you the Rewards
  12. Now exit to the game and do the Step #5 over again
  13. Keep it doing this until you have registered 30 referrals then you will get the final Rewards  Super-Rare Hidden Crystal Lulu .

Play the 3 Nation War get into the Ranking to get the rewards

Get your Best Deck to Battle in the Nation War

In every end of Scenarios Level.. you will facing the Boss

Once you have killed the Boss you will some Rewards

Check your Referral Code and Send it to your Friends

You can skip the Battle Animation if you're bored to see it

You will get a Gold Reserve once you finish the Tutorial

You will gained 2 Troops and you will Troops and Battle points will get refilled after Level Up

You can Limit Break your Card once its reaches to its maximum

with the use of a Quartz , you can enhance you card more in Limit Break

Get the Login Bonus in your Daily Game

You will get Gold Reserve in a certain Level 

More Troops and Golds you can acquire on higher Scenario's Level

 - coming soon -


  1. First Login your Mabage  account to get started
  2. Select the 3 Nations, usually there's nothing to do with your gaming based from this Nation . Its just in the 3 Nation War you will find the Rankings where's the stronger players are

The Federation of Azald

The Empire of Necroth

The Kingdom of Luthren

  1. Once you have selected you will get a Gold Reserve which will give you a Rare Card or if you're lucky you can get a Higher-Rare even Super-Rare

  1. Go through all the way to the Tutorial this will teach you about the Battle, Enhancing the Card, and using the Limit-Break
  2. Now in the Referral Code, use any of your Friends known Referral Code or simplu use this one V32WB3  
  3. You will get a Gold Reserve and Some Potions
  4. Create or Join a Guild, it doesn't matter where you go but its better to join in any strong Guild to get more bonus and get more friends
  5. Get your Free Bronze and your Login Bonus
  6. You will receive also a 10000 Friendship Points, this points can be used for getting Bronze Reserve
  7. Bronze Reserve Cards are good for enhancing your Special Cards
  9. Start to play the Quest and Complete the Scenarios
  10. Make sure to Enhanced your Card specially the one with the Limit-Break 
  11. Using the Cards you acquired in the Quest, use it to Enhanced your Decks
  12. Keep on doing the Quest till you level to 10, from here you will earn a Gold Reserve Ticket
  13. Use your Gold Ticket and get your Rare-Card. Include this rare card in your Deck
  14. Check your Deck if you're getting a  Total Attack of 6500-8000, if you still not getting that amount of Attack then keep on enhancing
  15. If you don't have enough Cards to use for Enhancement then use your Friendship Points to get the Bronze Reserve(10)
  16. Now if you're Ready, you can now Start Playing the 3 Nation War
  17. Pick the Player with the lowest Attack though this doesn't guarantee that your Opponent is weak but atleast there's a chance that he's weak
  18. Start the Battle and keep it up until you reach the 300pts of Kill to get the Rewards 

 - coming soon -

Videos GamePlay


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