Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rites of Delta - Cards Collection

Once of the best thing of Rites of Delta is their amazing graphics, if you are Anime fan you will gonna love the artistic and colorful design of the cards.

Check out the Cards and find their stats and description. 
What can you say about them? Share what cards do you like best?

Invisible Miasma Hacis

Navigator Mira

Unarmed Mica

White Dragon

Graveguard suzuri

Shine Guard Mithee

Smuggler Zeboob

SnowFly Iris

Spirit Dancer Suzuran

Army Smasher Claris

Falconer Allian

Originator Gervelda

Plundering Princess Miranda

Red Jewel Seline

Speedester Teto

Wanderer Vivi

White Butterfly Swiren

Spirit Knight Maria

Elegant Esmeralda

Miner Yumir


  1. why there are more Female characters than male.. and most of them looks hentai(*)(*)

  2. Greetings
    Hi I love the gallery, please add more cards rites of delta or can you tell me where I can download all
    Complete cards of this game


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