Thursday, September 6, 2012

Empire War Heroes Return

Description :

★Real time strategy defense game – Empire War Heroes Return!

Empire War Heroes return is action packed real time strategic offense / defense war game.
Do you wish to protect the world from evil forces or dominate human races?
Take your team of warriors across the battle field looking for the best strategy to win.
More missions, more options and more characters!
Empire War Heroes Return simply is the best Action Strategy game available in the App Store!
# [Various Game Modes]
- Total 5 different game modes (Destroy, Wave, Limited, Shooting and Escort mode)
- Pick your side with 3 different hero unit options
# [Authentic Action Strategy]
- 16 different support units with unique characteristics
- 8 different support towers with different abilities
- Real time weapons and units upgrade system
# [Control Every Mode with Addictive Game Play]
- Total 200 stages with action packed game play
- An Intuitive game control with two different attack modes

-Dynamic skill effects and challenging game level for addictive game play

Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

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