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Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips

  1. You can level up your Pet by fighting them in Battle
  2. You need Gold Coins to build Objects, Tame Traps and Food
  3. Tame pet will vary based from your Tile Land
  4. There are different kinds of pet to get from land such Plains, Swamp, woodland, Water and Polar
  5. You need cards to capture your Pet
  6. You can Harvest coin every 40mins in the Stone near to your Home
  7. You can get Free Card for every 2hours

How To Get More Gold Coins

  1. Get it from your Resource Stone for every 30mins
  2. Complete every Quest Mission
  3. Tame a pet and get bonus Gold Coins
  4. Get if FREE by using your Friend Redeem Code
  5. Get it for FREE By Installing the Affiliates Apps
  6. Buy it in the Shop with your Real Money

How To get More Star Rubies

  1. Tame a Pet, occasionally there's a Ruby Star in the Slot
  2. Complete a Certain Quest that will give a Ruby Star as a Reward
  3. Buy it in the Shop with your Real Money
  4. Get it for FREE By Installing the Affiliates Apps

How To Tame a Pet

  1. Place a Tame Trap in any land
  2. Put a tame Food and wait for duration to get a Pet
  3. Once the Tame Trap is ready you can start Tame the Pet or Battle with him
  4. Check the Tame Chance percentage in the Top-Left, the higher the percentage , the higher chance to tame the pet
  5. In the slot machine you have choose the Tame Food first
  6. Avoid the Skull and Poison box 
  7. Once  you get 60% or more, try to get the Card to capture it
  8. You can Find the captured Pet in the your dictionary
  9. In Battle, a Star means there's no weak point or strong point against it. Its Neutral

How To Battle A Pet

  1. Tame a Pet or in the Mountain Battle quest
  2. Once your start the Battle check first the Level and Action slot in the Pet
  3. Make sure you know the mechanics of the Game, its like Rock-Paper- and Scissor with the Star
  4. If you see the Pet has more Scissors then find a Pet that has more Rock, the same with other things
  5. Next is the level, make sure you have the Level Advantage to fight
  6. The Best pet to use it the one with the Status Effect skills like Boosting Up your strength and make your enemy Weak
  7. Keep on Leveling up your Pet to make them Stronger
  8. Heal them every after fight 

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  1. Finish the Tutorial
  2. Install all the FREE Affiliates App and get all the FREE coins and Red Star Rubies
  3. Don't use any Red Star Rubies to instantly finish a task
  4. Follow the Mission Quest to build all your Lands and Tame a Pet
  5. Use the Iron Cage for your Trap for setting up your Tame Pet, use the cheap Bait for your trap
  6. Once you have tame a Pet, you will be playing the slot machine
  7. The Slot machine is quite tricky and it will take sometime to master
  8. Don't use your Good Food for weak Pet, make sure you have 60% chance before capturing the Pet
  9. Try and try until you captured the Pet
  10. Try to have 3 Pets first and for the rest, go on Battle
  11. Use your primary Pet to be on Battle and keep it level up
  12. Once you reached the Mountain Arena, use your highest Level Pet to finish the QUEST.

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